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TRU Virtual Physics Conference

Organizing Committee: Mark Paetkau (TRU), Brendin Chow, (SFU), Owen Paetkau (UofC),  Dominique Trischuk (UBC), Patrick O'Brien (UofA), Pramodh Senarath Yapa Arachchige (UofA)

Invited Speakers

  • Camille Belanger-Champagne, TRIUMF, Applied Physics. Particle accelerators’ role in building better electronic components.
  • Matthias Danninger, SFU, Particle Physics, The Pacific Ocean Neutrino Explorer.
  • Maria Drout, University of Toronto, Astrophysics/Astronomy.
  • Eldon Emberly, SFU, Biophysics, Using neural networks to learn the folding of DNA inside cells.
  • Frank Hegmann, University of Alberta, Exploring the ultrafast nanoworld.
  • Alex Hill, UBC-Okanagan Astrophysics/Astronomy,The near and far universe with CHIME.
  • Natasha Holmes, Cornell, Physics Education Research, The trouble with traditional labs: structure versus confirmation
  • Robin Kleiv, TRU, Particle Physics. Doubly-heavy constituent diquark masses from QCD Sum Rules.
  • Matthias Le Dall, Data Scientist, ScotiaBank, How a century-old theory is about to revolutionize the world (again).
  • Richard Taylor, TRU, Acoustics. Loudspeaker Line Arrays for Acoustic Diffusion.
  • Marie-Cecile Piro, University of Alberta, Dark matter: The hunt for the unknown.


Conference Format



Organizing Committee

From Left to Right:  Brendin Chow (SFU), Patrick O'Brien(UofA), Dominique Trischuk (UBC), Mark Paetkau (TRU),Pramodh Senarath Yapa(UofA), Owen Paetkau (UofC)

VPC Organizing Committee