TRU Science

Second Year Registration

This information is for students in the three-year program, which is being phased out.

Registration opens around mid June. You will be notified of the exact date by email through myTRU. Here are instructions on when and how to register for courses.

If you have completed all first year courses and met the GPA requirement to enter second year, you can enroll in all second year courses. (See list below.)

If you are on a personalized educational plan, you will be enrolled in your courses by the registrar’s office.

Below are courses for all second year students. Some courses have a lecture, seminar and lab component — or some combination of all three — and you will need to register for each portion of the course with a separate CRN.

Course name and number CRN
ARET 2120 12248 and 12249
ARET 2200 10198 and 10199
ARET 2210 10200 and 10201
ARET 2500 10202 and 10203
PHYS 1510 11447 and 11448
Course name and number CRN
ARET 2100 22093 and 22094
CMNS 2840 20431
ARET 2300 20162 and 20163
ARET 2400 20164 and 20165
ARET 2600 20166
PHYS 1610 21351 and 21352