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2019 - 2020 Administration
Dean of Science Dr. Tom Dickinson S210 250-852-7137
Associate Dean of Science Dr. Dennis Acreman HL452 250-828-5169
Academic and Administrative Coordinator Verlinda Wale S208 250-371-5747 
Assistant to the Dean Goldie Preziosi S212 250-828-5400
Department Chairpersons, Coordinators, Advisors, and Support Staff
Bachelor of Science - 3rd & 4th year Program Advisor Dr. Joanne Rosvick S206 250-828-5409
Bachelor of Natural Resource Sciences - Program Advisor Dr. John Karakatsoulis S205 250-828-5462

Bachelor of Health Science - Program Advisor  

Dave Sheets S306A 250-828-5465
Natural Resource Sciences - Program Assistant Sherry Bennett S212 250-828-5467
Department of Respiratory Therapy - Chairperson Mike Lemphers S308 250-828-5262
Respiratory Therapy - Program Assistant Tara Langley S212 250-828-5403
Department of Agricultural Related Sciences and Animal Health Technology - Chairperson Heather Shannon AHT107 250-852-6331
Agriculture Related Sciences - Program Assistant Carol Costache AHT104 250-377-6104
Department of Biological Sciences - Chairpersons

Dr. Nancy Flood

Dr. Jon Van Hamme

Dr. Matt Reudink



Department of Physical Sciences - Chemistry Chairperson Marten Lettinga S242 250-828-5219
Department of Physical Sciences - Physics & Geology Chairperson George Weremczuk    S221 250-828-5448
Department of Natural Resource Sciences - Chairperson Dr. John Karakatsoulis S205 250-828-5462
Department of Computing Science - Chairperson Dr.Mahnhoon Lee HL424 250-371-6022  
Architectural & Engineering Technology - Coordinators

Dale Parkes

Walter Prescott





Department of Mathematics and Statistics - Chairperson Dr. Bruce Crofoot HL455 250-371-5563
Administrative support for the Associate Dean, Computing Science, ARET, Math/Stats & CODS Marcy Desrosiers HL 450 250-828-5050

Department of Engineering and Applied Science - Inaugural Chair

Dr. Faheem Ahmed HL 408 250-371-5696
MSc - Program Coordinator Dr. Wendy Gardner RC 205 250-371-5570
Instrumentation Technician for Science and Research Dave Pouw S262A 250-852-7272
EUReKA! Science Program - Director Will Primrose S170 250-371-5534