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Honours & Directed Studies

Undergraduate research

Interested in doing research as part of your degree in biological sciences? The honours and directed study options, undertaken in the fourth year of the degree, may be for you. The links below provide access to information on both of these options, and to the application form which must be submitted by the end of the third year of your BSc degree.

What are honours and directed studies all about?

The honours and directed studies options within your biological sciences degree are really opportunities to complete research within a field that faculty members have expertise and/or active research programs. These are generally independent projects within a specific discipline or topic, wherein you drive your learning whilst being directed by an individual member of the biology faculty or a team. If you are interested in finding out more, you should contact the honours coordinator or the directed studies coordinator for further information. You may also approach a faculty member you are interested in working with and they can direct you to the resources you would need to apply to these courses.

Also, all third-year students thinking of doing an Honours project in the next year of their degree should take BIOL/CHBI 3980: Introduction to research. This course is required as a prerequisite for the Honours program. Students thinking of doing a Directed Study project are also encouraged to take BIOL 3980.

Supervisors and fields of research

So you've decided you're interested in doing an honours or directed study project in biological sciences, but don't know what type of project you might do, or who might supervise your research? Just look up the following link: Potential supervisors and fields of research

Directed study (BIOL 4480)

Required: BIOL 4480 (Directed Study) - Please contact the DR Coordinator for a copy of the Course Outline.

Recommended: BIOL/CHBI 3980 (Introduction to research)

To apply please contact Directed Studies Course Coordinator



  • BIOL / CHBI 3980 (Introduction to Research)
  • BIOL 4980 (Honours Seminar)
  • BIOL 4990 (Honours Thesis in Biology) OR CHBI 4990 (Honours Thesis in Chemical Biology)

To apply:

  • To apply, please contact the Honours Coordinator who will provide you with the honour package which includes forms to apply, format documents and to provide you with an idea of the timeline and important dates.


Need more information? Ask the BSc advisor