TRU Science


 When do the courses in the program start?

You can begin the AWCP courses at anytime. There are no prerequisites but we suggest that you be comfortable working at a grade 12 level with some science background.

 Do I have to take all the courses in the program to obtain a certificate of completion?

No, we award certificates of completion for AWCP 1700, AWCP 1710 and AWCP 0500.  Please contact the AWCP Program coordinator or details and costs.

 Do I have to come to TRU for any portion of the AWCP courses?

No, you can complete all of the AWCP courses without having to attend TRU.

 Where do I write my exams?

There are no formal exams in the AWCP courses. The program is based on assignments and open book quizzes. If you achieve 60 percent or better on the coursework, you will receive a certificate of completion. The student should be cautioned that there are a large number of assignments. It is imperative that you keep up with your pace on these assignments and quizzes in order to complete the course in the time allowed.

 How long do I have to complete the courses?

For our two main (and largest) courses, AWCP 1700 and 1710, you have 8 months to complete. In XAWC 0500, you will have 6 months to complete. If you can dedicate 10-15 hours per week to your studies, you will be able to complete any of our courses within the allotted time.

 What if I don't complete the courses on time?

We allow a one time course extension of three months. There is an extension fee that must be paid before the extension is granted.

 Do the AWCP courses qualify for student loans?

Unfortunately no. You will receive 3 credits for either AWCP 1700 - General Level or AWCP 1710 - Advanced Level but not for both.

 Will I be able to pay for the courses in installments?

Again, unfortunately no. We need to have received payment in full before you are registered in the program.

 Once I have sent in my application and paid my fees what happens next?

If you purchased any textbooks through TRU, the TRU Bookstore will ship your textbooks within a few days of receiving the request. Once the Registrar has sent the course facilitator notice that you have registered, Michelle will contact you and set up your access to Moodle which is the distance platform that this program is delivered through.

 How do I obtain further information?

If you would send us your email, we will send you a course information/registration package. Send your request to and state the name of the course that you would like the information sent on.