TRU Science

Math Contest

The British Columbia Secondary School Mathematics Contest consists of two rounds: a preliminary round and a final round. Each round has two sections: a junior section for grades 8 to 10 and a senior section for grades 11 and 12.

The preliminary round will normally be written in the individual secondary schools. Each school chooses the students to write the contest. Any number of students may write and schools are encouraged to have as many students as possible write the preliminary round.

The preliminary round, both junior and senior, consists of 12 multiple choice questions and is intended to be written in 45 minutes. The contest papers are marked at the individual schools using the marking key provided with the contest papers. The host institutions make contest papers, marking key, reporting forms, and student waiver forms available to participating schools in mid March.

The final round is written at the hosting institutions.

Copies of the contests from the last several years, with solutions, are available from the British Columbia Secondary School Mathematics Contest. For more information, contact Dr. Lucas Mol at or Dr. Shirin Boroushaki at