TRU Science


After you have submitted your application for this program to TRU, please also provide your high school and if applicable, post-secondary transcripts to the Admissions Office. Information on doing so is noted on our Transcripts page.


  • Applications may be submitted between Oct. 1 and Feb. 1 every year.
  •  Note: First year is the same for both diploma and dual credential streams.
  • Applications will be processed only if all documentation is complete — official transcripts and verification of program info session attendance or online completion.

Diploma and dual credential

Prospective students must submit a completed application form together with both high school and post-secondary transcripts.

If you are interested in a Bachelor of Health Science degree (dual credential), please note there is not a "physical" option for BHSc on the online form. Initially you must apply to the Respiratory Therapy Diploma program. During the second semester of the first year, you will be given the opportunity to apply for the BHSc (dual credential). The first year is the same for both the diploma and dual credential streams. Admission to the BHSc stream will be based on the available seats (usually 25 - 30) and cGPA in the first year.

You can specify "degree" and "BHSc" (program) and respiratory therapy as your "major" on the PDF application version.

Note: Acceptance is conditional based on receipt of official transcripts (high school and/or post-secondary) and all documentation.

Please refer to the TRU Calendar for further program information, TRU policies, additional application procedures and course descriptions.

Fast-track diploma option

Students applying for the fast-track option must submit the application form together with all required documentation (including both high school and post-secondary transcripts). If these are not available at the time of application submission, they must be submitted ASAP.

Note: Acceptance is conditional based on receipt of official undergraduate transcripts and all documentation. Final acceptance into the fall semester is dependent upon successful completion of the TRU-OL courses.

When completing the online application for fast-track, provide the information about applying for fast-track on the "Other Information" page under the section "Additional Information". This is where you can also provide the information whether or not you will accept a seat in first year, should you not be accepted into the fast-track stream.