TRU Science


The Computer Engineering program is a dynamic and highly sought-after field of study at Thompson Rivers University, designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

Our program provides a comprehensive and hands-on education that encompasses both hardware and software aspects of computer engineering. With a strong emphasis on practical experience, students can work on real-world projects, conduct research, and potentially collaborate with industry partners, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities.

Our curriculum covers various topics: engineering design, digital systems design, computer architecture, programming, embedded systems and network engineering. We believe in fostering a deep understanding of engineering principles and applying them to solve real-world problems. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and specializations within the field, whether in software development, hardware design or cutting-edge areas like artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

At Thompson Rivers University, we take pride in our faculty, state-of-the-art laboratories and access to the latest technology resources. Our program is committed to providing a nurturing and supportive environment where students can thrive academically and personally. Our computer engineering graduates are well-prepared to embark on exciting careers in various industries, which range from technology giants to innovative startups, contributing to the development of the digital landscape and shaping the future of technology.