TRU Science


The engineering transfer program at TRU provided me with an excellent introduction to the field. Small class sizes combined with dedicated, passionate instructors allowed for lots of one on one interaction and the ability to have any questions answered quickly and fully. I believe that my experience at TRU has given me the skills I need to succeed in my career and educational endeavors.
Carl Gould, Second year engineering, UBC-O

TRU's Engineering Transfer program provided me a great foundation for my engineering education. I was able to seamlessly transfer into UBC's Applied Science program with sufficient knowledge and understanding in all areas and, for certain subjects, found that I possessed more experience and familiarity with the material than students who had begun at UBC. The professors were great and small class sizes allowed for more professor interaction and, ultimately, a superior learning experience for universal subjects such as calculus, physics, computer programming and chemistry. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to begin an engineering degree.
Kory Wealick, Third year engineering student, UBC

Engineering is a difficult and stressful degree... one that is nearly impossible to do on your own, but with a lot of hard work and some luck it can unbelievably rewarding, something you realize as soon as you start using the tools and skills that are taught as early as the first semester of the first year. TRU offers a neat and compact program, giving students a very personal environment to start your career in and with just 60 seats in the program and a heavy course load the first year, the other 59 students soon become a second family, a family of people you study with, cry with and celebrate with. With the help of so many teachers, including a select couple that went way beyond the call of duty, and the many friends I made along the way I can honestly say I would never be where I am today without them and excellent support they offered thought the year.
Makinley House, Second year Mechanical Engineering, UVic

Thompson Rivers University was the perfect place for me to begin my degree in engineering, and I have many great memories there that I shared with the faculty and fellow students. Every professor that I had was always easy to approach and willing to help me out with my studies. The transfer program is a tight-knit family, and everybody works together to achieve common goals. The program is exceptionally designed and I wouldn't of picked any other place to begin my degree. Everyone in my immediate study group was accepted to The University of Victoria, and The University of British Colombia. I am currently on my 3rd year at UBC, and I feel like I was well prepared for the transfer.
Andrew Prost, Third year engineering student, UBC

The Engineering Transfer Program at TRU is a great option for students who are interested in engineering but not sure what discipline they would like to pursue. Guest speakers throughout the semester provide insight into the engineering disciplines and help make the decision of specialization in an engineering field much easier. Unlike other universities, the small class sizes of the transfer program at TRU really let you connect one on one with your professors and peers. This is extremely helpful during some of the challenging courses as help is easily accessible. Overall, I made many great friendships and memories in this first year program and feel it gave me a solid foundation for transferring into my 2nd year of environmental engineering.
Elsa Langill, Second year Environmental Engineering, UBC/UNBC

Doing my first year of engineering at TRU provided a good transition from a small high school to post-secondary. Small classes and caring instructors helped build a personal learning experience. Knowing everyone in the program helped build friendships and promoted study groups. Also, being able to live at home another year help with both the high school to university transition and financially."
Karl Hohensee, second year engineering, UBC-O

I will say that TRU is a great way to get into engineering. The smaller class sizes are a nicer transfer from high school. Also, I felt that the instructors really cared about my learning. When help was needed, it was always very easy to find from the teachers at TRU.
Michael Casol, second year engineering, UBC

The Engineering Transfer program at TRU was a great stepping stone and asset to the development of my Engineering career. The close relationship between the professors and the students allowed a more comfortable, close-knit community experience where help and advice was always close at hand. The technical skills taught are one of the most prominent aspects of the degree. Relative to the first year of Engineering at UBC, my abilities in drafting, programming, and circuitry are well developed and have been of great benefit in both the workplace and in school. The close partnership between the degree and receiving institutions has also ensured a seamless course transfer process and I have yet to encounter any deficits in course content from my first year. Thanks for the great year and the help!
Rachel Ambrus, second year Geological Engineering, UBC