TRU Science


Physics is evident in everything from the seasons, the motion of objects, the flight of birds, the night sky and the weather, to lasers, electronics, and all the technology we rely on day by day.

Bachelor of Science major

The department offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a physics major in two study streams — with or without the co-operative work-experience option. The academic specialization of this degree prepares students for further study (graduate) in physics and astronomy while the co-op aspect provides a wide range of practical and hands-on experience in applied scientific fields.

Opportunities for students

The department provides well-equipped labs at all undergraduate levels. It also houses modern computer labs available to students as instructional resources. A host of facilities and resources are found in and around the campus to accommodate all types of activities and outings throughout the seasons.

Careers for graduates

Physics graduates have gone on to work as teachers, professors, engineers, medical physicists, research scientists, astronomers, automotive industry, electronics and audio industry, manufacturing industry, laboratory technicians, and space research.