TRU Science


We have an active group of researchers investigating a broad range of subjects. One of our great strengths is that we engage undergraduates in our research early in their education.

The rich natural resources of our region are the source of many research projects. The scope of the research ranges from the importance of water resources in the arid ecosystems of the region to the grassland and forested communities that develop here, and the native and domestic animals that use them.

Another research theme involves the chemistry and activity of natural products. Our researchers identify organisms that use novel antimicrobial compounds and then use state-of-the-art analytical equipment to isolate and characterize them, or to synthesize novel variants of similar compounds that also have antimicrobial activity.

A newly formed Centre for Optimization and Decision Science brings together researchers in mathematics, statistics and computing that apply quantitative approaches to solve complex problems. These researchers address questions such as how you can identify optimal network designs, or how to balance conflicting interests of sustaining economic growth and environmental protection.

Other areas of research involve energy efficient home design, bioinformatics, the evolution of stars and the science of sleep.