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Engineering Advising

We're here to help engineering students through their academic career at TRU. Drop in or make an appointment for help with: course selection, degree planning and course permissions. Please include your student ID in your email or voicemail.

Varda Khurshid

First and second year engineering advisor

  • Office: OM 2832
  • 250-852-6407

Saiqa Aleem
Saiqa Aleem, PhD, PEng

Third year engineering advisor

Geoff Fink
Geoff Fink, PhD, PEng

Fourth year engineering advisor

Future engineering students

What are the program requirements?

How long is the program?

5 Years, you must complete the first three years, one-year mandatory co-op (in your 4th year of the program), and the last year of the program to graduate.

What are future opportunities for graduates?

Software engineering is one of the most in-demand and fastest growing professions in North America. Software engineering jobs are expected to jump by 24 percent from 2019 to 2026. Companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, Apple and BlackBerry hire software engineers to help them stay at the leading edge of technology and innovation. Software Engineers have been working in industry in wide variety of roles not limited to software project manager, software architect, application developer, software designer, software tester, embedded system engineer, system analysts and web developer.

Tuition and Fees?

Attending university shouldn’t break the bank. Tuition at TRU is among the lowest in British Columbia or other Tuition and Fees? provinces—but that’s not all. You’ll find many financial supports to ease your way on your educational journey. Please visit, TRU's Tuition and Fees page to learn more about your academic expenses and options for financial support.

How to submit Transcripts and Additional Documents?

In order for your application to be considered complete, your official transcript must be received by TRU Admissions Office. For more info, please visit our website page, How to submit Transcripts and Documents?.

Tell me about the city of Kamloops and the Campus life?

A city of about 90,000, Kamloops offers a warm and dry climate with over 2,000 hours of sunshine and the enriched community that includes cultural diversity. TRU campus is set on 250 acres with stunning views of the North and South Thompson Rivers, our main campus in the heart of our community offers plenty of opportunities to live, work, play and learn. Please watch our informative Video Tours and find out more.

What is the size of each cohort?

The engineering programs are competitive with limited seats, 40 for Software Engineering and 60 for the Transfer Program.

Is the Co-op Program mandatory?

Yes! Co-operative education is a requirement for graduation. During your Co-op experience you will receive paid and relevant work experience, allowing you to apply theory learned in the classroom, explore interests related to the field of study and advance skills as a professional while strengthening your resumé. In the fourth year of study, students are required to complete two mandatory co-op work terms.

Current engineering students

When do I need to meet with an advisor?

You should meet with the program advisor a few weeks before the semester begins, and whenever you feel in need of program related advising throughout your academic progress, to book an appointment, please email and include your name and student number in your email. 

Why do I need to meet with an advisor?

To assist you with proper course selection and program planning. The Engineering Advisor will also provide referrals when necessary. We want to keep you on track for graduation.

When do I need to apply for graduation and how do I do that?