TRU Science

Catalogue of Current Student Abstracts

2023 cohort
Student Supervisor Title
Atherton, Natalie Prema NMR Profiling of Beef
Atkinson, Kara Larsen / Isaac Small Mammal Communities in a grassland ecosystem: Historic Trends and Future Prospects
Brouwers, Tanya Fraser Measuring Carbon Cycling Changes in Soils Converted from Forests for Cattle Grazing to Cropping Systems for Cattle Grazing
Francis, Matthew Church / Bork / Fraser Precision Agriculture: Leveraging Remote Sensing and Virtual Fencing for Enhancing Sustainable Ranching Practices
Halcrow, Devin Pypker The Effectiveness of Various Hillslope Erosion Migration Treatments in Dry-Belt Fir Ecosystems Within the Interior of British Columbia
Jumeau, Olivier Harvey Time-after-fire regeneration of woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) habitat in Ulkatcho Territory
Kang, Myung Jin (John) Fraser Silvopastoral soil carbon and microbial community effects from strip-thinning widths and grazing dynamics
Lloyd, Sylvie Tsigaris Assessing the Non-Market Value of the BC Wildlife Park
McLennan, Olivia Van Hamme Anaerobic microbial desulfonation of sulfonated perfluoroalkyl substances
Miller, Sydney Reudink / McKeller Tracking the long-distance migration and abundance of Wilson's phalaropes (Phalaropus tricolour) at saline lakes across the western hemisphere.
Schoen, Jacqueline Reudink Short -Term Effects of the Site C Dam and Reservoir on Bank Swallow Riparia riparia Populations Along the Peace River
Seal, Sean Heise / Naman Assessing Benthic Macroinvertebrate Community Responses to Post-Wildfire Hillslope Restoration Treatments in the Deadman River Watershed
Soames, Adam Gardner Sterilizing Excavated Soils Contaminated with Knotweed (Reynoutria) Propagules using Heat and Anoxia
Valle, Rosa Mason The Application of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Technologies in the pursuing of Sustainable Tourism Business for rural and small/middle cities communities
Werden, Shannon Larsen / Burgar The Effects of Habitat and Body Condition on Fishers (Pekania pennanti) in the Columbian Population in British Columbia