TRU Science


The faculty listed below are eligible to supervise (Full) or co-supervise (Associate) graduate students in the Master of Science program in Environmental Science. They may be contacted directly to discuss potential opportunities for studying under their supervision.

Name Department Status as supervisor in MSc program Research Areas
Dr. Faheem Ahmed Engineering Full Software product line; software process assessment; software cost estimation; reusability of software assets; empirical software engineering; large scale software architecture; software ecosystems; cloud computing; software testing, quality and inspection; component-based software development
Dr. Lyn Baldwin Biological Sciences Full Plant ecology, forest, riparian communities, bryophytes, human disturbance, fragmentation
Dr. Douglas Booth Tourism Management (currently Dean of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism) Full Poliltics of sport; sporting cultures, race and sport, extreme sports, nature sports, history and historiography of sport; beach as a site of physical culture
Dr. Eric Bottos Biological Sciences Associate  
Dr. Sharon Brewer Chemistry Associate Analytical and environmental chemistry, chemical education: analytical method development, water quality monitoring, supercritical fluid extraction, solid phase microextraction, remote instruments, integrated laboratory network development, online labs, blended learning, teaching with technology.
Dr. Rick Brewster Mathematics & Statistics  Full Discrete mathematics, theoretical computing science; computational complexity; graph theory; polynomial time algorithms and good characterizations
Dr. Darryl Carlyle-Moses Environment, Culture and Society Full Hydrology, microclimatology, urban biophysical environments
Dr. Kellee Caton Tourism Management Full Moral philosophy for tourism and leisure, humanism, the role of tourism in ideological production, lived experience and personal development, consumer culture, epistemological and pedagogical issues in tourism studies
Dr. Naowarat (Ann) Cheeptham Biological Sciences Full Microbial diversity in caves (volcanic and limestone origins) and other extreme habitats, actinomycetes, fermentation, bioactive compounds, bioactive compounds, drug discovery and antibiotic resistance surveillance
Dr. John Church Natural Resource Sciences Full Sustainability of cattle industry, range management, meat production, beef production
Dr. Bruno Cinel Chemistry  Full Natural products chemistry involving the isolation, structure elucidation, and chemical ecology of compounds from terrestrial and marine organisms; remote operation of instrumentation and science education through the BC-Integrated Laboratory Network (BC-ILN)
Dr. Hasnat Dewan Economics Full Sustainable development, environmental and natural resource economics, banking crises, human development
Dr. Tom Dickinson Biological Sciences  Full Ornithology, conservation biology
Dr. Kingsley Donkor Chemistry Full Environmental and analytical chemistry, chemometric techniques in environmental and agricultural research, speciation of air particulates and health effects
Dr. Haytham El Miligi Computing Science Full Mobile application development (healthcare, home automation, education, and security applications); multi-core real-time systems (scheduling, mapping , parallel programing, and performance evaluation); 3d network-on-chips modeling and optimization
 Dr. Mike Flannigan  Natural Resource Sciences Full   Wildland fire, fire weather, fire behaviour, lightning-caused fires, climate change, landscape fire modelling, fire growth modelling, machine learning
Dr. Nancy Flood Biological Sciences Associate Ornithology, ecology and evolution of orioles
Dr. Normand Fortier Physical Sciences Associate Thin film sensors and thin film interference filters for optical communication applications and surface characterization using ellipsometry
 Dr. Kimberly Thomas-Francois  Tourism Full business and the environment, tourism, agriculture, public sector management, sustainable development
Dr. Lauchlan Fraser Biological Sciences; Natural Resource Sciences Full Ecosystem reclamation, biodiversity, climate change, rangeland management
Dr. Wendy Gardner Natural Resource Sciences  Full Grassland ecology and management, range management, ungulates, reclamation
Dr. Louis Gosselin Biological Sciences  Full Marine invertebrate ecology: early life history, population regulation, community structure, mortality factors, invasive species, species at risk, benthic species, intertidal, subtidal, dispersal
Dr. James Gu Architectural & Engineering Technology Full Timber engineering, reliability and probability analysis, earthquake engineering, disaster resilient built environment and innovative structural systems
 Dr. Jillian Harvey Natural Resource Sciences  Full   Fire ecology, forest ecology, drought, climate change, ecotones, tree rings
Dr. Brian Heise Natural Resource Sciences  Full Aquatic ecosystems, stream ecology, ichthyology, land-use practices, stream recovery, aquatic entomology
Dr. Rob Higgins Biological Sciences Full Ecology of ants in sub-boreal forests and the management of post-harvest coarse woody debris
Dr. David Hill Environment, Culture and Society Full Data mining and modeling methods, complex environmental systems problems, fate and transport of contaminants, decision trees, artificial neural networks, etc.
Dr. Rob Hood Tourism Management Full Land use and tourism, rural tourism development
Dr. John Hull Tourism Management Full  
Crystal Huscroft Environment, Culture and Society Associate    
Dr. Heidi Huttenen-Hennelly Chemistry Full The investigation of structure-activity relationships and mechanism of action in antimicrobial peptides through traditional and novel methods
Dr. Terry Kading Philosophy, History & Politics  Full Trade and development, social planning in small cities, Latin America
Dr. John Karakatsoulis Natural Resource Sciences   Associate Forest ecology
Dr. Robin Kleiv Physical Sciences  Associate  Theoretical particle physics, QCD sum rules, hadronic physics
Dr. Mila Kwiatkowska Computing Science  Full Medical decision support systems, database systems and data mining, biomedical informatics
Dr. Laura Lamb Economics   Associate Community economic development, applied microeconomics, public finance, policy economics, behavioural economics
Dr. Karl Larsen Natural Resource Sciences  Full Wildlife conservation and management, mammalogy, herpetology, dispersal theory, movement ecology and habitat use
Dr. Kara Lefevre Natural Resource Sciences Full Conservation biology, biodiversity, human-wildlife interactions, ornithology, land use impacts on plant-animal ecology; interplay of science, politics and decision-making; diversity in STEM education
Dr. Mohammad Mahbobi Economics  Full Quantitative methods in business, management, and economics, international trade and trade policy, applied economics, crude oil market
Dr. Courtney Mason Tourism Management  Full

Parks and Protected Areas; Rural Food Security and Sovereignty; Tourism and Rural Development; Indigenous Methodologies and Land-Use Management; Indigenous Conservation Practices;
Sport and Conservation Fishing ; Wildlife Management and Conflict

Dr. Nelaine Mora-Diez Chemistry  Full Computational chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, kinetic studies, thermodynamic studies, excited states
Dr. Yana Nec Mathematics & Statistics Full Applied analysis,  modelling and optimisation, numerical and graphical simulation, applications in natural sciences and engineering
Dr. Mark Paetkau Physical Sciences  Associate Infrared thermography for early disease detection, parasitic seed dispersal in dwarf mistletoe, avian behavior using RFID technology
Dr. Dipesh Prema Chemistry Full Synthetic organometallic/inorganic chemistry, applications in air-free handling. Catalysis.  Use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to investigate and quantify the fatty acid composition of forage, meat and dairy products.
Dr. Tom Pypker Natural Resource Sciences   Full Ecohydrology, carbon processes, hydrology, micrometerology, ecophysiology, impacts of climate change and land-use change on ecosystem processes
Dr. Musfiq Rahman Computing Science Full Research in wireless technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC), Internet of Things (IoT), smartphone applications, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), use machine learning and big data analysis to predict forest fire
Dr. Mark Rakobowchuk Biological Sciences Full Human vascular adaptations to physiological perturbations, the interplay between platelets and vascular health, microvesicles and progenitor cells and their role in exercise induced adaptations
Dr. Matthew Reudink Biological Sciences   Full Ornithology, animal ecology, evolution of plumage in birds, animal behaviour
Dr. Mateen Shaikh Mathematics & Statistics Associate Computational statistics, clustering, classification, statistical learning, machine learning, data mining, association rules, pattern recognition, visualization, longitudinal data, biostatistics, microarray analysis, next-generation sequencing analysis
Dr. Mridula Sharma Computing Science Associate  
Jacqueline Sorensen Natural Resource Sciences    Associate Freshwater ecology, aquatics invertebrates, fisheries, bioassessment/water quality monitoring, land-use practices on headwater streams and fish habitat
Dr. Rochelle Stevenson Environment, Culture and Society Associate Green criminology, crimes against the environment, human-animal relationships, animal abuse, animal welfare
Dr. Ian Stewart-Patterson Adventure Studies Associate PhD Dissertation The Role of Intuition in the Decision Process of Canadian Ski Guides; Ice Screw Strength: An analysis of the optimum placement angle in Waterfall Ice; Decision-making in the Mountain Environment: A study of best practices in the training of decision making in mountain guide/leadership programs in France, Canada, Britain and the USA; Shock loading in belay anchor partial failure.
Dr. Mohamed Tawhid Mathematics & Statistics   Full Computatational intelligence, evolutionary computation, artificial intelligence, and their applications to data analysis, big data, optimization, modelling and simulation in environmental studies.
Dr. Richard Taylor Mathematics & Statistics  Associate Dynamical systems and chaos, ergodic theory, physical origins of randomness and irreversibility, mathematical biology, delay differential equations, numerical analysis and scientific computing
 Dr. Kimberly Thomas-Francois Tourism Full Business and the environment, tourism, agriculture, public sector management, sustainable development
Dr. Jabed Tomal Mathematics & Statistics Full Statistical modeling, theoretical machine learning, and Bayesian statistical methods with applications to drug discovery, genetics, biology, ecology, environment, and public health research. Dr. Tomal loves to help students applying novel statistical & computational methods to interesting problems
Dr. Peter Tsigaris Economics   Full Environmental economics, economics of clean technologies, of climate change, environmental policy and regulation, environmental management, environmental experiments for education, valuation of environmental goods and services
Dr. Joanna Urban Biological Sciences   Associate Environmental microbiology; molecular and biochemical techniques, dwarf mistletoe's seed development
Dr. Nancy Van Wagoner Physical Sciences  Full  
Dr. Jon Van Hamme Biological Sciences   Full Environmental microbiology, biodegradation, bioremediation, pollutants, microbiology, biocatalyst
Dr. Yan Yan Computing Science Associate Bioinformatics, machine learning, complex network and big data analysis.
Dr. Roger Yu Mathematics & Statistics   Full Graph theory and discrete optimization, mathematics
Adjunct Faculty 
Dr. Andre Arsenault Adjunct, Biological Sciences Associate  
Dr. Christine Bishop Adjunct, NRS Associate  
Dr. Nancy Elliott Adjunct NRS, BC Ministry of FLNRO  Associate  
Dr. Heath Garris Post Doctoral Fellow at TRU  Associate  
Dr. Purnima Govindarajulu Adjunct, University of Victoria  Associate  
Dr, Leif-Matthias Herborg Fisheries and Oceans Canada Associate  
Dexter Hodder John Prince Research Forest Associate  
Dr. Leigh Anne Isaac  Adjunct NRS, Senior Wildlife Biologist for Vast Resource Solutions  Associate  
Dr. Cori Lausen Wildlife Conservation Society Canada Associate  
Dr. Reg Newman Adjunct NRS, BC Ministry of FLNRO  Associate  
Dr. Craig Stevens  Adjunct NRS, Professor Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at U of C  Associate  
Brian Wallace   Associate