TRU Science

Diploma and Dual Credential Requirements

Admission is determined by a selective process based on academic qualifications. Applicants who meet the minimal education requirements may apply. You may receive transfer credits for select courses, as listed on this page.

Minimum educational requirements

If you are a graduate from a foreign high school and/or university, then you must meet the following English requirements before being granted admission into academic courses at TRU:

International Student Admission Requirements

  • BC Grade 12 graduation with a C+ minimum average or equivalent.
  • BC English 12/English 12 First Peoples or higher with a minimum B or equivalent.
  • BC Foundations of Math 12 (preferred) or Pre-calculus 12 or higher with a minimum C+ or equivalent.
  • BC Anatomy and Physiology 12 (formerly BC Biology 12) or higher with a minimum C+ or equivalent.
  • BC Chemistry 12 or higher with a minimum C+ or equivalent.
  • BC Physics 11 or higher with a minimum C+ or equivalent.

Under normal circumstances, all requirements must have been obtained within five years of application.

Ranking based on education

High school applicants

High school students may apply; however, it is beneficial to successfully complete some post-secondary courses first. If you are applying while completing high school, and have not been accepted into the program, we recommend that you register for the BSc program and take some of the first-year RT service courses (and/or other BSc courses) before applying to the RT program:

  • English/Communications (six credits).
  • Human Anatomy/Physiology (six credits).
  • Physics (six credits at university level).
  • Statistics (three credits).

This may lighten your workload in the first year of the RT program. Please note, taking the courses listed above will not guarantee your acceptance into the program. Admission is dependent upon the cumulative GPA of completed applicable courses.

Applicants with post-secondary education are ranked based on the following education and cGPA standards:

  • Applicants with an undergraduate degree (preferably BSc) and a cGPA ≥ 2.33.
  • Applicants with one to two years of full-time post-secondary education (preferably in the sciences) and have a cGPA ≥ 2.33.
  • Applicants with the highest GPA in high school and post-secondary education.
  • The number of years in applicable post-secondary education an applicant already has completed.
  • The number of successfully (C+ or greater) completed applicable post-secondary science courses an applicant has completed.