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What is the duration of the full-time MScDS program?

The MScDS program normally requires two years (four semesters) for completion. However, students may receive exemption for a maximum of three courses (up to nine credits) in the MScDS program based on an individual assessment of equivalent graduate courses taken at an acceptable institution with a minimum grade of B (GPA 3.0) or higher in each course, consequently can be completed in three semesters. The assessment is conducted by the MScDS Admission Committee and the program coordinator.

What other costs should I expect to pay during the program?

Students are required to have a laptop computer. See how other costs can be estimated.

Do I have to choose an option when applying? Which option should I choose — graduate project or thesis?

Yes, every student must identify his/her option in the application. Be aware that choosing Thesis Option requires more time in the application process, so students are strongly advised to start early (please see the section Admission for more advice, in Admissions).

The Project Option is for students who want to have non-academic career and to seek employment in industrial/applied-oriented.

The Thesis Option is designed to help students who pursue the research and further graduate studies in data science, computer science or related areas.

Can I switch between two graduate options after entering the program?

Because it is mandatory to have a supervisor for thesis students and finding a supervisor involves several steps and luck (e.g., shared interest in research or project with the supervisor, determine research topics and reach financial and research agreement, etc.), switching from Project Option to Thesis Option is possible, but may delay students’ program. On the other hand, switching from Thesis Option to Project Option will have relatively less complications. However, in either case, the switching will require an approval from the involved supervisor, MScDS Graduate Committee and the coordinator.

How do I choose a supervisor?

Having a supervisor is mandatory for thesis students, so the application is considered incomplete if a thesis student does not have a committed supervisor. For students applying for the Project Option, having a supervisor is optional but we encourage students to check expertise, research topics and the past research projects to identify potential supervisors early on. It is a good idea to pay attention to faculty members with shared interests in research topics. All faculty members available to be MScDS supervisor can be found here.

Are there scholarships available for students?

Yes, please see the section of Scholarship and Funding here.

How long can I work in Canada after graduation?

This is a two-year program. Students who complete the program qualify for a three-year work permit after graduation.


How much time does it take to hear back on my application?

Applications are typically processed within four to six weeks of receiving all required information.

Is work experience a requirement for the application?

Work experience is beneficial but not required.

Can I use Duolingo as an eligible language requirement?

No, we only accept language scores for tests mentioned on the Admission Requirements page.

Two steps: First, apply online. Second, send the required admission documents specific to your program to:

Domestic student:

International student:

I am interested in the program — how can I speak to an advisor?

You can email, call or mail us. Here are the details.

I have been accepted — what's next?
  • Complete the Acceptance of Offer form and return it to within 21 days of receiving your offer letter.
  • Pay your tuition fees/deposit as outlined in your Letter of Acceptance.
  • Inform when you have made the fee payment.
  • Register for your courses, once you have received a registration package by email from the MScDS office.
  • Become familiar with TRU policies and regulations:
    • Attend program specific orientation.
    • Attend campus-wide orientation and complete the New Student Checklist.