TRU Science

Program Cost

Fees are subject to change (estimates only)

Tuition: See Fees/Payment of Fees

These costs do not include the fees for the annual extended medical and dental plan, provided by the TRU Student Union. Students who have equivalent coverage may apply to opt out of this expense.

Books and supplies: Approximately $1,000/semester.

Additional fees: Students should budget additional monies for special clothing and equipment, leashes, lockers, BC Veterinary Technologists Association membership and conference fees, Veterinary Technician National Exam, etc. (First year — $500, second year — $1,000)

Lab fees are applied to courses shown with (L). For more details refer to the fees section of the TRU Calendar.

Students must be prepared to bear the cost of travel to and residency in areas away from Kamloops as required by such activities as clinical practicums, ranch practicums, BCVTA conference and field work experience (VTEC 2200). Each of these activities are mandatory and advance notice will be given.

Students are also expected to receive rabies immunization, administered at no cost by TRU Health Services once enrolled into the program unless they are excused by a medical certificate.

Payment of fees

Applicants will be notified by telephone or in writing of their status around mid-March. Those who are offered seats will be required to pay a commitment fee ($500) by the end of March. Students on the wait list will be notified of their status as soon as possible, and if admitted will be given two weeks after the date of notification to pay their commitment fee to confirm a seat.