Ryan Gauthier

Assistant Professor

BA (Carleton), JD (Harvard), PhD (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Ryan joined TRU Law in 2016. After law school, Ryan worked as an associate with the labour and employment practice of a large national firm in Vancouver. Ryan remains a non-practising member of the New York Bar.

Ryan’s research focuses on issues of international sports law and governance. Ryan’s book, The International Olympic Committee, Law, and Accountability, examines the violations of international human rights law by hosts of the Olympic Games, and the International Olympic Committee’s responsibility under international law to address these violations. Ryan also compares North American and European approaches to sports law. The book Cap in Hand (co-authored with Bruce Dowbiggin), proposes that North American professional sports leagues should adopt a European, free-market approach.

Ryan teaches Legislation, Administration and Policy in the first-year curriculum. He has taught International Law, Employment Law, and Human Rights Law at TRU Law. He is also the faculty coach of the Jessup International Law Moot.

  • Bruce Dowbiggin & Ryan Gauthier, Cap in Hand: How Salary Caps are Killing Pro Sports and Why the Free Market Could Save Them (Toronto: ECW Press, 2018)
  • Ryan Gauthier, The International Olympic Committee, Law and Accountability (Oxford: Routledge, 2017)
  • Book Chapters
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  • Journal Articles
  • Ryan Gauthier & Gigi Alford, "Will Human Rights Ever be Olympic Values?: Evaluating the Responses to Human Rights Violations at the Olympic Games" (2019-2020) 35 Conn J Intl L 21
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  • Other Publications
  • Ryan Gauthier, "Offside: The Secret Deals Involving Money for Sports Stadiums" (3 September 2018), online: The Conversation
  • Ryan Gauthier, "A Good Governance Approach to Stadium Subsidies in North America" (5 December 2017), online: Asser International Sports Law Blog
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  • Ryan Gauthier, "The International Olympic Committee’s Accountability for Human Rights – Learning from the World Bank" (18 August 2015), online: Opinio Juris
  • Ryan Gauthier, "The New Olympic Host City Contract: Human Rights a la carte?", (17 November 2014), online: Asser International Sports Law Blog
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