About the JD Program

The TRU Law JD Program represents one of the foremost professional degree programs in Canada. Our students are drawn from a wide range of disciplines and are given a thorough grounding in Canadian law. At the end of the three-year program, JD graduates are ideally placed to undertake a career in the legal profession.

At TRU Law, the first year curriculum introduces students to fundamental skills and courses that are necessary for students to acquire a solid foundation in the law. In second and third years, students take a selection of advanced legal courses, which are supplemented with a broad range of elective courses. TRU Law faculty members offer courses that reflect their expertise and research interests, which expose students to a wide and varied range of legal concepts and disciplines. Students may also undertake a research project directed by one of our faculty members to further explore a legal issue in depth. Students also have the opportunity to spend a semester or part of their summer studying law abroad on exchange with one of our international partners.

In the short time since its creation, TRU Law has already established itself as a centre of excellence in legal education and scholarship. We are always interested in hearing from high-caliber students who are interested in studying the law and who will contribute to building a great law school.

For more information about the JD program and our courses, please see the current Course Book.