Robert Chambers

Professor and Department Chair

BEd, LLB (Alberta), DPhil (Oxford)

Rob practised as a barrister and solicitor in Alberta before obtaining his DPhil from the University of Oxford under the supervision of Professor Peter Birks. He has been a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne and a professor at the University of Alberta, King’s College London, and University College London.

Rob's main research and teaching interests are property, restitution, trusts, and unjust enrichment. He is the author of Resulting Trusts (Oxford 1997), An Introduction to Property Law in Australia (4th edn, Sydney 2019), and The Law of Property (Toronto 2021), a co-author of Oosterhoff on Trusts (9th edn, Toronto 2019), and a member of the editorial boards for the Journal of Equity (Sydney) and Trust Law International (London).

Rob teaches Property, Trusts, and Conflict of Laws.


Authored Books

  1. The Law of Property (Irwin Law, Toronto 2021)
  2. An Introduction to Property Law in Australia (4th edn, Thompson Reuters, Sydney 2019), (3rd edn, 2013), (2nd edn, 2008), and (1st edn, 2001)
  3. Resulting Trusts (Clarendon Press, Oxford 1997)

Co-authored Books

  1. Oosterhoff on Trusts (9th edn, Thompson Reuters, Toronto 2019), (8th edn, 2014), and (7th edn, 2009) with Mitchell McInnes and AH Oosterhoff; (6th edn, 2004) with Mitchell McInnes, AH Oosterhoff, and Lionel Smith

Co-edited Books

  1. The Philosophical Foundations of the Law of Unjust Enrichment (Oxford University Press, Oxford 2009) with Charles Mitchell, James Penner
  2. The Law of Restitution in Canada: Cases, Notes, and Materials (Emond Montgomery, Toronto 2004) with Mitchell McInnes, Jason Neyers, Stephen Pitel, Lionel Smith

Chapters in Edited Collections

  1. 'Trusts and the Statute of Frauds' in Jason Neyers, Andrew Botterell, and Zoë Sinel, Gerald Fridman and the Law of Obligations: Past, Present and Future (LexisNexis 2019) 345-64
  2. 'Proprietary Restitution and Change of Position' in Andrew Dyson, James Goudkamp, and Frederick Wilmot-Smith, Defences in Unjust Enrichment (Hart Publishing, Oxford 2016) 115-31
  3. ‘Restitution of Overpaid Tax in Canada' in Steven Elliott, Birke Häcker, and Charles Mitchell, Restitution of Overpaid Tax (Hart Publishing, Oxford 2013) 303-12
  4. 'Is There a Presumption of Resulting Trust?' in Charles Mitchell, Constructive and Resulting Trusts (Hart Publishing, Oxford 2010) 267-87
  5. ‘Trust and Theft’ in Elise Bant and Matthew Harding, Exploring Private Law (Cambridge University Press 2010) 223-45
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  7. ‘Ignorance’ in Simone Degeling and James Edelman, Unjust Enrichment in Commercial Law (Lawbook Co, Sydney 2008) 253-74, with James Penner
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  13. ‘Liability’ in Peter Birks and Arianna Pretto, Breach of Trust (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2002) 1-40
  14. ‘Conditional Gifts’ in Norman Palmer and Ewan McKendrick, Interests in Goods (2nd edn, Lloyds of London Press, London, 1998) 429-60

Articles in Academic Journals

  1. 'Trusts and the Statute of Frauds' (2019) 93 Supreme Court Law Review (2d) 345-64 (also published as a chapter in an edited collection)
  2. ‘The Future of Unjust Enrichment in Common Law Canada’ [2017] Restitution Law Review 3-13
  3. ‘The End of Knowing Receipt’ (2016) 2 Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law 1-32
  4. ‘Distrust: Our Fear of Trusts in the Commercial World’ (2010) 63 Current Legal Problems 631-52
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  7. ‘Constructive Trusts in Canada’ (1999) 37 Alberta Law Review 173-220; reprinted in (2001) 15 Trust Law International 214-32, (2002) 16 Trust Law International 2-20

Book Reviews and Review Essays

  1. Paolo Panico, International Trust Laws (2018) 33 Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 255-57
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Case Comments and Notes

  1. ‘The Presumption of Resulting Trust: Nishi v Rascal Trucking Ltd (2014) 51 Alberta Law Review 667-76
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Co-edited Journals

  1. (2015) 68 Current Legal Problems 1-464, with Piet Eeckhout, Virginia Mantouvalou
  2. (2014) 67 Current Legal Problems 1-502, with Jeff King, Virginia Mantouvalou
  3. (1999) 37 Alberta Law Review 1-270, with Mitchell McInnes

Other Publications

  1. Restitution Research Resource (2nd edn, Mansfield, Oxford 1997) with Peter Birks (1st edn, 1994) with Peter Birks

Conferences and Seminar Papers Presented

  1. Trusts and the Statute of Frauds (2018) Western University; (2019) University of Melbourne
  2. The Future of Unjust Enrichment in Common Law Canada (2017) University College London
  3. The End of Knowing Receipt (2016) National University of Singapore
  4. Bribes and Restitution (2012) London School of Economics
  5. The End of Knowing Receipt? (2011) Higher Courts Judges Conference, Napier, New Zealand; University of Melbourne; University of Western Australia
  6. Distrust: Our Fear of Trusts in the Commercial World (2010) University College London
  7. Restitution of Overpaid Tax in Canada (2010) Merton College, Oxford
  8. Fraud Unravels All? (2009) Property Bar Association Annual Conference, London
  9. Is there a Presumption of Resulting Trust? (2009) King’s College London
  10. Ignorance (with JE Penner) (2007) University of New South Wales
  11. The Importance of Specific Performance (2004) University of New South Wales
  12. Tracing and Unjust Enrichment (2003) University of Western Ontario
  13. Another Chapter on Quistclose Trusts (2002) All Souls College, Oxford
  14. Integrating Property and Obligations (2002) University of Melbourne
  15. Responsibility for the Disloyalty of Others (1999) Niigata University
  16. Resulting Trusts in Canada (1999) McGill University

Curriculum Vitae

Robert Chambers