Lana Walker

Lana Walker is a trial lawyer. Since her call to the bar in 2008, she has practiced in Ontario, Nunavut and BC. Originally from Kamloops, BC, Lana left her home province to attend Dalhousie University, where she obtained her law degree in 2006. Lana began her legal career in Toronto, working at a large criminal defence firm for several years before opening her own practice. In 2015, Lana moved to Iqaluit, Nunavut, and joined Nunavut Legal Aid, where she worked as a staff criminal lawyer, and eventually, lead counsel for the criminal practice group.

Lana is passionate about access to justice issues and has dedicated her career to assisting individuals navigate the criminal justice system. She has experience defending clients against all types of criminal charges, including serious sexual assaults, firearms offences, and homicides. She has conducted numerous judge-alone and jury trials for serious indictable matters, many of which have involved complicated evidentiary issues and Charter litigation.

In 2020, Lana took a sabbatical from practice to work as Director for the Nunavut Law Program run through the University of Saskatchewan College of Law. She guided the program through its final year of delivery, and created and delivered a clinical law course, which gave students the opportunity to gain practical legal experience. Following the completion of the Nunavut Law Program, Lana moved back to her hometown and joined TRU Law as Assistant Dean from 2022-24. In this role, Lana worked closely with students, providing advice and support in navigating mental health and wellness issues, professional development, and the practice of law.

Lana practices with Nicola Law Group, a boutique firm offering complete criminal defence services throughout BC.

In the 2024-25 academic year, Lana will be co-teaching Sexual Offences: Prosecution and Defence, and co-coaching the MacIntyre trial advocacy moot for TRU Law.

Lana Walker