Interested in hiring a TRU Law student? You can post a position for free on TRU Law’s Career Advising, Resources, and Events hub (CARE), which is accessible exclusively by TRU Law students.

CARE allows employers to post to the TRU Faculty of Law job board directly, with postings subject to approval by the TRU Career Services Office team. Please click here to access CARE. You may also email us at lawcdo@tru.ca, and we will upload a posting for you.

We recommend that the following information be included in a job posting:

  • A brief description of the job, including the type of position (e.g., articles, summer) and its duties and responsibilities.
  • A brief description of the employer, including areas of practice.
  • A list of what students should include in their applications - typically this includes a cover letter, resume, and both law school and undergraduate transcripts, but may also include a writing sample or reference letters.
  • Details on application procedures, including where applications should be sent, preferred application methods (e.g., email, mail, online) and application deadline.

We are also happy to advertise associate or other law-related positions to our alumni at no cost. To advertise these positions, please email us at lawcdo@tru.ca.