International Connections

TRU Law is globally minded

Embedded in our curriculum is a requirement for all JD students to complete either a specialized international course or a period of study abroad. A number of our courses have an international focus. Our faculty founded and works with a team of students to edit the Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law, which publishes cutting edge scholarship from legal scholars around the world.

Global opportunities for students

TRU Law opens doors for international education. We offer various academic exchanges that provide TRU Law students with exciting opportunities to study abroad.

Academic exchanges

Students may spend a part of their summer or a full academic term studying at top law schools abroad. Exchange terms enable students to learn about different legal systems and prepare for the increasingly globalized legal environment. They also make for some of the best memories of law school.

We also accept applications from international students who are interested in coming to Kamloops and studying at TRU Law on exchange. For more information, visit our exchange program information page.