Upper-Year Applicants

If you have already completed your first year of law school in Canada or any common law country, and have written the LSAT, you may apply to transfer to TRU Law to complete two years of legal study and receive your Juris Doctor through our program. To apply for admission as an upper year applicant, complete our TRU Law Upper-Year Transfer Application.

If you have already completed more than one and a half years of studies in Canada or any other common law country, you are not eligible to apply for transfer to TRU Law.

The deadline for transfer applications for the 2022-2023 academic year is June 30. All supporting documents must be received by email or post-marked no later than July 15. Your application must include the following materials:

  • Your completed TRU Law Upper-Year Transfer Application.
  • One copy of certified transcripts from all post-secondary educational institutions attended, (mailed or emailed directly from your post-secondary institutions);
  • Two letters of reference from law professors forwarded directly by the referees to the TRU Faculty of Law Admissions Office via email.
  • A statement of interest that includes reasons for wishing to transfer to TRU Law.
  • Your application fee of $119.48 (cheque, credit card or money order made payable to "Thompson Rivers University - LAW").

Transfer applications will be assessed by the Admissions Committee using the same criteria as for students being admitted into the first year of the Juris Doctor program. In addition, the Committee will assess the extent to which an applicant's previous studies in law prepare them for performing at the same level as students who have been in the TRU Law program since the beginning of their first year. Consideration will also be given to the applicant's stated reasons for wishing to transfer. Space limitations in the Faculty will be a factor in admitting applicants; in some years few or no transfer applicants will be admitted. Applicants who are admitted as transfer students must successfully complete a minimum of 50 percent of TRU’s required credits in order to graduate with a Juris Doctor degree from Thompson Rivers University. Applicants may be required to complete courses from the first year program at TRU Law, depending on the courses they have taken at the point of admission to the program. Each transfer candidate's file will be individually assessed in terms of evaluating the appropriate transfer credits to be granted.