Moots for Credit

BC Law Schools Competitive Moot

The BC Law Schools Moot is the “grudge match” between UBC, UVic, and TRU. The moot generally focuses on a civil case and is argued before sitting judges of the BC superior courts. The coach of the moot is Danielle Ching McNamee, an associate a Smith Law Group. The team consists of 4 oralists + 1 researcher.

Davies Corporate/Securities Moot

The Davies Corporate/Securities Moot is a moot focused on corporate law issues. The problem is typically based on an actual court decision. The team is coached by Chelsea Hunter and James Reid of Blakes in Calgary. The team consists of 4 oralists + 1 researcher. This year is the first year TRU Law will participate in this moot.

Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Law Moot

The Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Law Moot focuses on issues of immigration, refugee, and citizenship law. The moot is one of Canada’s newest moots, beginning in 2020–21. TRU Law sent its first team in 2021–22. The moot is coached by David Knapp, a lawyer at the Department of Justice in Ontario. The team consists of 4 oralists + 1 researcher.

Jessup International Law Moot

The Jessup Moot focuses on international public law. It is one of the oldest moots, beginning in 1960. In 2022, 560 teams from 85 countries participated in the Jessup. The coaches are Dr. Ryan Gauthier, and Gregory S. Pun, QC, a former litigator. The team will consist of 4 oralists + 1 researcher. The problem comes out in early September.

The TRU Law Jessup Team won Top Applicant Memorial in 2022. The TRU Law Jessup Team went to the White & Case Advanced Rounds of the Jessup’s Global Rounds in 2021. 

Kawaskimhon Moot

The Kawaskimhon Moot focuses on Aboriginal and Indigenous legal issues. The word Kawaskimhon means “to speak with knowledge” in the Cree language. The moot itself is a negotiation, with teams representing a variety of parties (e.g., First Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities, regional and national Aboriginal organizations, government parties, and industry actors). The moot focuses on negotiation and consensus-building to resolve problems. Teams may be required to draft written proposals that outline their negotiation. The team is 4 members + 1 researcher. The team is selected later in the year. Please contact Chrystie Stewart for more information about team selection.

MacIntyre Cup

The MacIntyre Cup is the Western Canadian round of the Sopinka Cup—a criminal law trial advocacy moot. The top teams proceed to the Sopinka Cup in Ottawa. The team consists of two members, and will be coached by Kelly Melnyk and Iain A. Currie.

A TRU Law speaker was awarded Top Opening at the MacIntyre in 2022. The TRU Law MacIntyre Team finished second in 2019, and went to the Sopinka Cup that year.

Wilson Moot

The Wilson Moot addresses administrative and constitutional law issues. It focuses on issues of equality, and issues of particular concern to women and minority groups. The coaches of the moot are Brodie Noga and Sergio Ortega of Osler LLP. The team consists of 4 oralists + 1 researcher.

The TRU Law Wilson Team won First Place Facta in 2018.