Moots for Credit

Bowman Moot

The Donald G.H. Bowman National Tax Moot is Canada's national competitive tax law moot. Each year, the moot problem is based on an appeal of a real tax case from the Tax Court of Canada, the Federal Court of Appeal, or the Supreme Court of Canada. The moot takes place in Toronto.

Jessup International Law Moot

The Jessup Moot, is the world’s largest moot competition, open to law schools worldwide. Focused on public international law, the Jessup involves a fictional dispute before the International Court of Justice. There is a Canadian competition, which is followed by an international competition held annually in Washington, DC.

Kawaskimhon Moot

Kawaskimhon means “to speak with knowledge” in Cree. This moot focuses on Aboriginal and Indigenous law and is conducted in accordance with Aboriginal customs of peaceful negotiation and consensus-building around several tables instead of an adversarial competition. Seventeen law schools from across Canada participate in this moot. Teams represent a variety of parties such as First Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities and nations, regional and national Aboriginal political or treaty organizations, government parties, and industry. The goal of this moot is to reach a consensus with the help of Aboriginal facilitators and an elder.

MacIntyre Cup

The MacIntyre Cup is the Western Canadian round of the Sopinka Cup, in which seven western Canadian law schools compete. The successful schools in the MacIntyre Cup then travel to Ottawa for the Sopinka Cup. The moot is a trial-advocacy moot in the area of criminal law.

Wilson Moot

The Wilson Moot is an advanced constitutional law moot focused on non-traditional issues. The Wilson Moot explores legal issues concerning women and minorities and promotes the education of students and the legal profession in these areas. The moot takes place each year in Toronto.