TRU Science


Lyn Baldwin

Lyn Baldwin, PhD
Department Co-Chairperson and Professor
Office: S248

Courses: Principles of Biology 2, Evolution & Ecology of Land Plants, Systematics of Flowering Plants, Plant Ecology, Field Methods in Terrestrial Ecology
Research Interests: Plant ecology

Eric Bottos Pic 2020

Eric Bottos, PhD
Assistant Professor
Office: S310

Courses: Principles of Biology 1, Microbial Ecology, Advanced Microbiology Laboratory, From DNA to Ecosystems: Reading and Writing Great Biology
Research Interests: Microbial ecology, with a focus on understanding controls on microbial community dynamics in changing Arctic and Antarctic ecosystems

Ann Cheeptham TRU Biology

Naowarat (Ann) Cheeptham, PhD
Office: S354

Courses: Introductory Microbiology 1 & 2, Molecular Evolution, Advanced Microbiology Laboratory, Advanced Seminar (Bioremediation and Industrial Microbiology)
Research Interests: Microbial diversity: searching for potential bioactive compounds from microorganisms in different unique habitats (particularly volcanic caves and alkaline ponds)

Stephanie Chaput

Stephanie Chaput, BSc
Office: S217

Labs: Biology of Humans, Principles of Biology 1 & 2, Human Biology: Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2

Don Ferguson

Don Ferguson, BSc
Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: S348

Labs: Human Biology: Anatomy and Physiology 1, Introductory Microbiology, Cell Biology, Introductory Genetics, Introductory Ecology

Nancy Flood

Nancy Flood, PhD
Teaching Professor
Office: S318

Courses: Principles of Biology 2, Biometrics, Population Biology, Field Methods in Terrestrial Ecology
Research Interests: Ecology and evolution of orioles; bird communities in high elevation forests


Louis A. Gosselin, PhD
Professor (Full)
Office: RC203

Courses: Evolution of Animal Body Plans, Introduction to Ecology Community & Ecosystem Ecology, Population Biology, Introduction to Research, Field Methods in Marine Ecology
Research Interests: Ecology of early juvenile marine invertebrates: life history, mortality factors, adaptations, behaviour; invasive and threatened species. Ecology of invertebrates inhabiting saline ponds (alkaline ponds) of the BC interior

 Rob Higgins TRU Biology

Rob Higgins, PhD
Department Co-Chairperson and Associate Professor
Office: S316

Courses: Natural Resource Entomology (NRSC 4020), Population Biology (BIOL 3030), Directed Studies Coordinator(BIOL 4480)
Research Interests: Ants (Myrmecology), Entomology, Invasive Species, Pacific Northwest Ant Biodiversity, Ticks

Stephen Joly

Stephen Joly, BSc
Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: S207

Labs: Principles of Biology 1 & 2, Biology of the Environment, Evolution of Animal Body Plans, Terrestrial Vertebrate Zoology

Don Nelson

Don Nelson, PhD
Associate Professor
Office S346

Courses: Molecular Genetics, Biochemical Techniques 2, Advanced Seminar in Selected Topics in Biology, Chemical Biology Laboratory
Research Interests: Application of molecular techniques to the study of embryonic development and neuroscience

Christine Petersen photo3 2019

Christine Petersen, MSc
Associate Teaching Professor
Office S338

Labs: Principles of Biology 1 & 2, Human Biology: Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2, Introduction to Ecology, Evolution & Ecology of Land Plants

Susan Purdy

Susan Purdy, MSc
Associate Teaching Professor and BSc Advisor
Office S229

Labs: Principles of Biology 1 & 2, Evolution of Animal Body Plans, Animal Behaviour
Lectures: Biology of the Environment

Mark Rakobowchuk

Mark Rakobowchuk, PhD
Department Co-Chairperson and Associate Professor
Office: S328

Courses: Human Physiology I and II, Cell Physiology
Research interests: Human vascular adaptations to physiological perturbations, the interplay between platelets and vascular health, microvesicles and progenitor cells and their role in exercise induced adaptations.

Natasha Ramoop Singh

Natasha Ramroop Singh, PhD 
Assistant Teaching Professor 
Office S322

Courses: Introduction to Biology I, Introduction to Biochemistry, Biochemical Techniques I, Introduction to Genetics, Biochemistry, Regulation of Gene Expression
Field of Research: Primary research involves identification of genes and genetic markers (in specific populations) which increase susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and cancers and investigating single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) which may be predictive of disease as well as an individual's response to certain nutrients. Such information can be applied to clinical settings to reduce the incidence and mortality of CVDs and cancer. 

Matthew Reudink

Matthew Reudink, PhD 
Associate Professor
Office S326

Courses: Principles of Conservation Biology, Evolution
Research Interests: Behavioural ecology, sexual selection and ornithology; use of genetic and biogeochemical tools to track the year-round ecology of migratory animals

Karen Ross

Karen Ross, MSc
Associate Teaching Professor
Office S110

Lectures: Biology of Humans, Human Biology: Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2
Research Interests: Exercise induced changes in the diabetic heart


Joanna Urban, RT, MSc, PhD
Associate Teaching Professor
Office: S352

Labs: Introductory Microbiology coordinator, Cell Physiology, Human Physiology
Lectures: Veterinary Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Advanced Microbiology
Research Interests: Medical Microbiology, Molecular genetics and applications

Jonathan D. Van Hamme

Jonathan D. Van Hamme, PhD
Office: S240

Courses: Introductory Microbiology, Microbial Physiology, Microbial Ecology, Advanced Microbiology Laboratory
Research Interests: Environmental microbiology and biotechnology

Science Laboratory Coordinator


Margaret Sonnenfeld, Ph.D
Biology Lab Coordinator

Adjunct faculty

Julian Davies

Julian Davies, PhD

Research interests: The biology of small molecules, especially antibiotics from microorganisms

Simon Shamoun

Simon Shamoun, PhD

Research interests: Biotechnology and bioproducts; indigenous and invasive alien forest diseases; biological control agents; population biology and molecular diversity of forest pathogens

Ken Wagner

Ken Wagner, MD, FRCP

Research interests: Microbiology; antibiotic resistance; emerging pathogens.

Ken Otter

Ken Otter, PhD
Adjunct Professor

Research Interests: Animal behaviour, particularly in avian reproductive behaviour and communication.

Professor Emeriti

David Williams

David Williams, MSc
Professor Emeritus

Research Interests: Plant Phenology

Tom Dickinson

Tom Dickinson, PhD

Research Interests: Bird communities in high elevation forests, energy utilization by nuthatches