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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Terms of Reference


  • Advise Senate on policies, procedures, priorities and criteria for student awards and honours.
  • In accordance with the Honorary Degrees Policy, evaluate nominees for honorary degrees and recommend candidates to Senate.
  • In accordance with the Emeritus/Emerita Designation Policy, evaluate nominees for honorary title of Professor Emeritus/Educator Emeritus and recommend candidates to the President’s Office.
  • Evaluate student candidates for medals and select awards and make recommendations to Senate.
  • Through Senate, recommend to the TRU Foundation, awards priorities which are in the best interest of the institution.
  • Recommend to Senate revisions to TRU entrance scholarship policy and regulations.
  • Advise the Director, Student Awards & Financial Aid on matters of policy and procedure relating to institutional student loans, fee deferrals and need-based awards.


  • Chair: A member of the Committee elected by the Committee for a two year term. No person shall serve more than two consecutive terms as Chair.
  • Three faculty members (which may include one Open Learning faculty member) appointed by Senate (at least one has to be a Senator and one must be tenure / tenure track)
  • Two deans appointed by Senate
  • Director, Student Awards & Financial Aid
  • Two students nominated by TRUSU and appointed by the Senate Steering Committee (one should be upper level or a graduate student)
  • One representative from the TRU Alumni appointed by the Alumni Department
  • Student Awards Representative (ex-officio, non-voting)
  • Vice-President, Advancement (ex-officio, non-voting)
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