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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Terms of Reference


  • Advise Senate on all matters related to the ways it conducts the business of Senate, its meetings and its proceedings.
  • Review at least once every three years the configuration of standing committees of Senate, their membership, terms of reference, and their consultation and reporting relationships, and propose to Senate any recommendations for change.
  • Review regularly the By-laws of Senate and recommend revisions to Senate.
  • Advise Senate on matters related to duties of members and conflict of interest.
  • As directed by Senate, nominate members to serve on Senate committees.
  • Advise Senate on procedures for the recommendation and selection of candidates for president, deans, librarians, the registrar and other senior academic administrators designated by the Board.
  • As directed by Senate, appoint students and nominate all other members to serve on Senate committees.
  • Advise Senate on matters related to Senate elections.
  • Coordinate the work of Senate committees, especially where consultation between standing committees is required.
  • Coordinate the development of policies, programs and practices that involve more than one Senate Committee.
  • Establish such subcommittees as needed to fulfil the Committee's responsibilities.
  • Other duties as assigned by Senate.



  • A voting member of the Committee, nominated by the Committee and approved by Senate.

Voting members

  • Six faculty members approved by Senate. At least one of the six faculty members shall be a member of Senate. At least one member shall be a faculty member from Open Learning. The committee composition will try to reflect the diversity of disciplines at the University.
  • One Dean approved by Senate
  • One staff member approved by Senate
  • Two students (one undergraduate and one graduate) nominated by TRUSU and appointed by the Steering Committee.

Ex officio non-voting members

  • General Counsel
  • Registrar

Secretarial support

  • Office of the General Counsel
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