Membership Roster

Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee (ESAC)

CompositionMembersTerm Ending
Director, Office of Environment and Sustainability Jim Gudjonson Ongoing
Appointed by the Board (3) Dipesh Prema - Faculty of Science       Jan 2021
  Nicole Schabus - Faculty of Law Jan 2021
  Peter Tsigaris - School of Business and Economics Jan 2021
Faculty (5) Meng Sun - School of Business and Economics May 2023
  Jana Noskova - School of Business and Economics May 2022
  Bala Nikku - School of  Socail Work and Human Services  Apr 2021
  Christine Miller - Faculty of Education and Social Work May 2022
  Carolyn Ives - Open Learning Faculty June 2022
Staff (2) Karl Fultz (ESAC Chair) - Database Administrator Enterprise Systems, Information Technology Services Nov 2021
  Pete Hrkac - Integrated Planning and Effectiveness June 2022
Students (2) Raikhan Amanzholova June 2020
  Dev Shah June 2020
JOHS Committee Representative Tom Dickinson Jan 2022
Director of Ancillary Services (or designate) Glenn Read Ongoing
Director of Facilities (or designate) Warren Asuchak Ongoing
General Counsel (or designate) Scott Blackford Ongoing
Deans Council representative Tom Dickinson  (ESAC Vice Chair) Ongoing
Director of Aboriginal Affairs (or designate) Tina Matthew Ongoing
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