Membership Roster

Academic Planning and Priorities Committee of Senate

Voting members
RepresentativeNameTerms ends
Chair, Provost and Vice-President Academic (Interim) Donna Murnaghan Ongoing
Senate Standing Committee Chairs:
Chair, Budget Committee of Senate Donna Murnaghan Ongoing
Educational Programs Committee Shannon Smyrl Ongoing
Research Committee  Lauchlan Fraser Ongoing
Graduate Studies Committee  Tracy Christianson Ongoing
Five members of Senate:
Member of Senate (Dean) Richard McCutcheon May 2024
Member of Senate (Dean) Daleen Millard May 2024
Member of Senate (Faculty) Vacant Vacant
Member of Senate (Support Staff) Rien Okawa June 2024
Member of Senate (Faculty) Vacant Vacant
One Open Learning Faculty Member  Erin Woodford April 2024
One Faculty Member Noah Arney March 2024
One Staff Member  Ashley Cullen June 2024
Student representatives nominated by TRUSU:
Undergraduate Ahn Hoang Sept 2022
Undergraduate  Andrea Fernandes Sept 2022
Graduate Priyanka Sharma Sept 2022
Associate Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies Will Garrett-Petts Ongoing
Chair, TRU Senate (Ex-officio) Brett Fairbairn Ongoing
Ex-officio non-voting members
RepresentativeNameTerms ends
Associate Vice-President, Open Learning  Paul Martin (designate) Ongoing
Associate Vice-President and CEO Global Operations, TRU World Baihua Chadwick Ongoing
Associate Vice-President, Strategic Enrolment & University Registrar Michael Bluhm Ongoing
Executive Director, Office of Indigenous Education  Tina Matthew Ongoing
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