Membership Roster

Academic Planning and Priorities Committee of Senate (APPC)

RepresentativeNameTerm Ending
Chair Christine Bovis-Cnossen, Provost and VP Academic and Research Ongoing
Member of Senate (Dean) Baldev Pooni, School of Trades and Techonology June 2021
Member of Senate (Dean) Michael Henry, School of Business and Economics June 2021
Member of Senate (Faculty) Dian Henderson, Faculty of Education and Social Work June 2021
Faculty Member Noah Arney, Faculty of Student Development March 2024
Member of Senate (OLFM) Gordon Rudolph, Open Learning Faculty June 2021
Member of Senate (Faculty) Chris Montoya, Faculty of Arts February 2024
OL Faculty Member Vacant April 2021
Staff Member Jan O'Brien June 2021
Undergraduate Student Simran Joura September 2021
Undergraduate Student Vacant September 2021
Graduate Student Jaspreet Kaur September 2021
Standing Committee Chair (voting) Chair, Budget Committee – Christine Bovis-Cnossen Ongoing
Standing Committee Chair (voting) Chair, Educational Programs Committee – Lyle Hirowatari Ongoing
Standing Committee Chair (voting) Chair, Research Committee – Mohamed Tawhid Ongoing
Standing Committee Chair (voting) Chair, Graduate Studies Committee – Vacant Ongoing
(Voting) AVP Research and Graduate Studies – Will Garrett-Petts Ongoing
Ex Officio Member (voting) Chair, TRU Senate Ongoing
Ex Officio Member (non-voting) Associate Vice President, Open Learning (designate) – Paul Martin Ongoing
Ex Officio Member (non-voting) Strategic Enrolment and University Registrar - Michael Bluhm Ongoing
Ex Officio Member (non-voting) AVP, TRU World and CEO Global Operations – Baihua Chadwick Ongoing
Ex Officio Member (non-voting) Executive Director, Indigenous Education - Tina Matthew Ongoing
Committee Support Caroline Whitelaw Ongoing
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