Membership Roster

Educational Programs Committee of Senate (EPC)

CompositionMember NameTerm End-date
Faculty (12) Shannon Smyrl, Faculty of Arts (EPC Chair) November 2022
  Susan Purdy, Faculty of Science (EPC Vice-Chair) September 2023
  Robin Reid, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism November 2023
  Jenna Goddard, Faculty of Student Development  October 2023 (second term)
  Heather Correale, School of Nursing     November 2023
  John Patterson, Open Learning Division (Senator) November 2023 (second term)  
  Lisa Lake, Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics October 2023 (second term)
  Lyle Hirowatari, School of Trades and Technology (Senator)  October 2023 (second term)
  Kim Moshenko, Faculty of Education and Social Work October 2022 (second term)
  Robert Chambers, Faculty of Law April 2022
  Mike Finch, School of Trades and Technology February 2024
Deans (2) Gregory Anderson, Dean, Faculty of Science September 2023
  Baldev Pooni, Dean, School of Trades and Technology February 2023 (second term)
Staff Member (1) Heather MacKay, Faculty of Education and Social Work  April 2025
Undergraduate Students (2) Christopher Blois September 2022
Academic Advisor (1) Charlene Munro Ongoing
Ex-officio (voting) Chair of Senate/University President Ongoing
Ex-officio (non-voting) or Designate Shannon Wagner, Designate for Provost & Vice-President, Academic and Research
Paul Martin, Designate for Associate Vice-President, Open Learning
Carly Crosson, Designate for Vice-President, Administration and Finance 
Cynthia Bodset, Designate for AVP Strategic Enrolment and University Registrar
Heidi Lawson, Deputy Registrar, Student Records & Information Systems 
ZiPing Feng, Designate for Executive AVP International
and CEO TRU World Global Operations
Tania Gottschalk, Interim University Librarian

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