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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Terms of Reference


  • Advise Senate on policies and programs that promote, support and celebrate high quality research and scholarly work and its dissemination
  • Advise Senate on policies and practices on ethical, regulatory and other issues related to the conduct of research and scholarly work and its dissemination
  • Advise senate on opportunities and challenges associated with external funding of research and scholarly work
  • Advise Senate on policies and procedures for the allocation and awarding of University funds for research and scholarly work
  • Review, consult with the Budget Committee and advise the Academic Planning and Priorities Committee on proposals to establish new research centres or institutes or new research chairs or professorships
  • Review annually the activities of the University’s research centres or institutes
  • Review annually the University’s Strategic Research Plan and make recommendations to the Senate
  • Report annually to Senate on the University’s research and scholarly activities
  • Establish such subcommittees as needed to fulfil the Committee’s responsibilities
  • To advise the Accreditation Steering Committee and report on mission fulfulment in relation to the core themes
  • Other duties as assigned by Senate



  • A voting faculty member of the Committee, nominated by the Committee and approved by Senate

Voting members

  • Ten members, approved by Senate, at least two of whom shall be members of Senate. Normally, there shall be one member from each of the Academic Divisions (Faculties/Schools/Division), reflecting the diversity of disciplines at the University.
  • Two Deans approved by Senate
  • One staff member approved by Senate
  • One undergraduate student nominated by TRUSU and appointed by the Senate Steering committee.
  • One graduate student nominated by TRUSU and appointed by Senate Steering Committee
  • Associate Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies

Ex officio non-voting members

  • Provost and Vice-President, Academic (or designate)
  • Vice-President, Administration and Finance (or designate)

Secretarial support

  • Office of Research and Graduate Studies
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