Membership Roster

Research Committee

Composition Members Term End
Faculty Members Lauchlan Fraser, Science December 2024
Bala Nikku, Education and Social Work December 2024
Joyce O'Mahony, Nursing June 2023
Diane P. Janes, Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching December 2024
Courtney Mason, Faculty of Tourism June 2023
Joel Wood, SoBE (Senator) December 2024
Melba D'Souza, Nursing (Senator) February 2024
John Belshaw, Arts, Open Learning June 2023
Jabed Tomal, Science (Math & Statistics) Jan 2023
Tolulope Oluwafemi, SoBE June 2023
AVP Research & Graduate Studies William Garrett Petts Ongoing
Staff Catharine Dishke Hondzel June 2023
Deans Rani Srivastava, School of Nursing June 2023
Doug Booth, Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism Management November 2022
Undergraduate student Cade Torjusson September 2022
Graduate Student Priyanka Sharma September 2022
Ex-Officio Non Voting Members Donna Murnaghan – Provost and Vice-President Academic (Interim) Ongoing
Yvette Laflamme– AVP Finance Ongoing
Alana Hoare - Quality Assurance    Ongoing
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