Forms, Practices and Documents

University Tenure and Promotion Committee

Standards Documents


Accounting and Finance - Senate approved Dec 14, 2020

Architectural and Engineering Technology

Assessment Centre Coordinator

Career Education

Computer Information Systems Technology Department

Computing Science Department


Culinary Arts & Retail Meat Processing

Department of Economics

Department of Economics - Senate approved June 8, 2020

Department of Human Enterprise and Innovation - Senate approved Mar 22, 2020

Department of Human Service

Department of Geography

Department of Management

Department of Management including Addendum (Apr 2020)

Department of Management Information and Supply Chain - Senate approved June 8, 2020

Department of Marketing and International Business - Senate approved June 8, 2020

Department of Psychology

Department of Social Work

Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Department of Tourism Management

Digital Art and Design

English & Modern Languages Department

English as a Second Language

Faculty of Arts Philosophy, History and Politics

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Law


Interculturalization Coordinator

Journalism Department

Librarians' Departmental Standards

Math & Stats Department

School of Education

School of Nursing

School of Nursing - Senate approved March 23, 2020

School of Trades and Technology

School of Tourism, Adventure Studies

Sociology and Anthropology Department

Supplemental Learning Coordinator

University and Employment Preparation Department

Wellness Coordinator

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