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lntercultural Understanding Subcommittee

Subcommittee of First Nations and Aboriginal Affairs Committee (FNAAC) and International Affairs Committee (SIAC)

Terms of Reference


To advise the Accreditation Steering Committee and report on mission fulfilment in relation to the core theme lntercultural Understanding.



  • lntercultural Coordinator (voting)

Voting Members

Comprised equally of members from FNAAC and SIAC. Nominations to be approved by the Chairs of FNAAC and SIAC in consultation with their committee members.

  • 6 Faculty members (3 representatives from both FNAAC and SIAC).
  • 2 Deans (1 representative from both FNAAC and SIAC).
  • 2 Students (1 representative from both FNAAC and SIAC).
  • The Chair of FNAAC.
  • The Chair of SIAC.

Ex Officio Non-Voting Member

  • Accreditation Liaison Officer
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