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TRU is proud to be a global leader in sustainability for post-secondary institutions, as highlighted in fall 2022 when the university earned a platinum rating for the second time in the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS) program.

Achieving that honour took a lot of work from faculty and staff. There have also been some outstanding contributions from the student body that help make TRU the leader it is today. For everyone’s efforts, two students and one staff or faculty member receive a TRU Environmental Sustainability Achievement Award each year. In addition, one student receives the Tom Owen Environmental Sustainability Award.

The awards not only support those who are active in sustainability, but also encourage others to become active as well. Nominees are individuals who innovate and are original, have a positive influence on a large group of people and have made significant contributions to environmental sustainability.

Sustainability Awards

Tom Owen Environmental Sustainability Award

Past winners

  • 2022 - Cole Perison

Environmental Sustainability Achievement Awards

Faculty and staff

Past winners
  • 2022 - Natalie Yao
  • 2021 - Karl Fultz
  • 2020 - Michael Mehta
  • 2019 - Haley Feller
  • 2018 - Susan Purdy
  • 2014 - Dorys Crespin-Mueller
  • 2013 - Peter Tsigaris
  • 2012 - Alice Stoddard
  • 2011 - Bronwen Scott
  • 2010 - Penny Powers


Past winners
  • 2022 - Patricia Siqueira, Behnaz Bahroudi
  • 2021 - Alana Rogers, Stacia Panko
  • 2020 - Katie Shouldice. Christian Andrews
  • 2019 - Dev Shah
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