TRU Science rocks

Our grads find satisfying, well-paying jobs with the skills they learn. Many go on to research in graduate schools or professions such as medicine or dentistry.

Faculty of Science

Personal attention.
Choice. Flexibility.

Get practical hands-on experience across a spectrum of disciplines in the classroom, in the lab, and in the field. Work with nationally and internationally recognized professor-researchers in their laboratories.

Why TRU Science?
Our Top 10 Reasons

Careers you can pursue include:

  • medicine
  • veterinary medicine
  • medical genetics
  • elementary and high school teaching
  • resource management
  • high tech industry
  • biotechnology
  • optometry
  • pharmacy
  • dentistry
  • wildlife management
  • respiratory therapy

Or move on to graduate school, receiving an NSERC scholarship to continue your studies.

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Read about the amazing things our science graduates are doing:

Marisa Azad

Marisa Azad

Internal medicine resident

Jon Noel

Jon Noel

Mathematics research

Natascha Hedrich

Natascha Hedrich

Measuring vibrations with lasers

Brendin Chow

Brendin Chow

Experimental atomic physics

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Events for students thinking about TRU:

  • Science Night
  • Day of Arts and Science

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