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Program Completion and Graduation

8. Program Completion and Graduation

8.1 Graduation Requirements - Certificate and Diploma Programs
8.2 Graduation Requirements - Degree Programs
8.3 Graduation Procedures
8.4 Graduation Ceremony
8.5 Parchments

8.1 Graduation Requirements - Certificate and Diploma Programs

  1. There are no minimum grade point average (GPA) requirements for the following Adult Basic Education programs: Intermediate Certificate; Advanced Certificate; BC Adult Graduation Diploma.

  2. To qualify for certificates or diplomas offered through OL, students must have a GPA of 2.00 or higher, calculated on college or university courses taken through OL or other post-secondary institutions. The GPA calculation includes the grades awarded in required courses of the certificate or the diploma, including those for which transfer credit was awarded. PLAR credit is not used in the GPA calculation.

8.2 Graduation Requirements - Degree Programs

  1. To qualify for degrees offered through OL, students must have a GPA of 2.00 or higher, calculated on the credits used to complete the degree.

  2. For students who apply for graduation with a block transfer for a program completed at another institution (with a minimum GPA of 2.00), the GPA is calculated on credit outside the block. PLAR credit is not used in the GPA calculation.

  3. The notation "With Distinction" is used on the transcript for those students who have a GPA (as defined under 6.5) of 3.50 or higher.

8.3 Graduation Procedures

  1. Upon completion of the requirements for a credential, students must apply to graduate. The form is available in myTRU under the Student Resources tab. (More details may be found on the TRU Graduation webpage.) Students wishing to attend the graduation ceremony should read section 8.4 below for deadline information.

  2. All official transcripts for courses taken at other institutions, with an OL letter of permission, must be received by the Registrar before an application for graduation is taken forward.

  3. Graduation applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Normally, credential parchments are sent to students approximately six weeks after all graduation requirements, including submission of the Application for Graduation form, have been met and approved. Transcripts with credential notation are available on graduation application approval.

8.4 Graduation Ceremony (Convocation)

Convocation ceremonies are held twice per year to recognize all students who have completed or graduated from TRU programs. These ceremonies occur in June and October at TRU in Kamloops. To participate in Convocation, students must apply to graduate by certain deadlines.

Apply by March 31 to attend Convocation in June.

Apply by July 31 to attend Convocation in October.

These deadlines to apply to attend convocation are firm.

Note: Students may apply to graduate before final grades are available. Students should work with their program advisors to ensure they have completed all steps to graduate. For more information, visit the Graduation and Convocation page.

8.5 Parchments

  1. The notation "With Distinction" is not used on the parchment, only on the transcript.

  2. Duplicate Parchments

    If a student's original credential has been lost or damaged, or the student's name has changed, it is possible to requiest a replacement credential. Students who have lost their credential must also complete a Declaration of Loss of Original Credential form in order for a replacement to be issued. Students who have a damaged credential, or who have changed their name, are required to return their original credential upon receipt of the replacement copy. Click here for instructions regarding the request for a duplicate parchment.

    Duplicate parchments are issued in the style of the parchment currently in use. Duplicate parchments indicate the original date of completion of the credential, the replacement date, and that it is a duplicate parchment.

    Individuals requesting a change of name on the duplicate parchment must submit acceptable documentation to support a legal change of name. Contact Student Services for more details.
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