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Thompson Rivers University


Fees vary with the method of assessment chosen and are based on the assessment process and the number of credits awarded. Assessment of an individual course is not more than the tuition fee.

Fees are non-refundable.

Open Learning Portfolio-Based Assessment

  • Competency-based portfolio:

    $750 flat fee

  • Course-based portfolio:

    $520 (initial) flat fee + $36 per credit awarded (after assessment completion)

    John Smith gets credit for two courses (6 credits)
    $520 (initial flat fee)
    Per credit awarded = $36 x 6 = $216
    Total fee = $520 + $216 = $736

  • Combination portfolio:

    $750 flat fee (competency-based) + $36 per credit awarded (course-based)

Challenge Exam

Typically, $300 ($100 per credit)

Credit Bank

Variable - please contact the PLAR Department for more information.

Student Responsibility

You are responsible for all associated costs. These costs will vary and may include long-distance phone calls, travel or mail.

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