Regulations and Policies

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Students are subject to the academic regulations of the institution through which each course is taken and to overall regulations established by Thompson Rivers University. In the absence of other regulations, those of TRU may apply.

Every student accepted for registration with OL will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the regulations and policies of the university and of the program, if applicable, in which that student is enrolled. A student is defined as anyone who requests and receives educational services from OL.

OL's open admission and other student regulations and policies are described on this website and in the current calendar. Students may request a review of a OL academic decision (refer to 7. Student Academic Appeals).

Information about tuition and fees for courses delivered by OL and UVic are outlined. Individual course descriptions also include tuition information.

Student Regulations and Policies

  1. Academic Integrity and Student Conduct
  2. Formal Transfer Credit
  3. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)
  4. Registration (Credit-free Option, Cancellations, Withdrawals, Returning Course Materials, Extensions, Repeat Registrations)
  5. Examinations
  6. Final Grades
  7. Grading Systems and Procedures
  8. Student Academic Appeals
  9. Program Completion and Graduation
  10. Release of Student Information

Contact Enrolment Services for more information about student policies and regulations.

Index of Policies, Regulations and Procedures

Note: The below subset of TRU Policies applies to all campus and Open Learning courses/programs and is presented here for convenience. For the most current policy information visit the TRU Index of All Policies.

Policy DescriptionPolicy Number
Academic Achievement Awards ED 9-1
Academic Program Review ED 8-4
Academic Renewal ED 3-10
Admission of Students Who Are Graduates From Programs
Not Accredited by a Province or Territory
ED 1-2
Course Extension ED 3-12
Course Outlines ED 8-3
Course and Program Repeaters ED 3-3
Course Subject Acronym and Numbering ED 3-8
Debarment of Students ED 7-0
Entrance Scholarships ED 9-0
Examinations ED 3-9
Grading Systems ED 3-5
Honorary Degrees ED 16-2
Integrity in Research and Scholarship ED 15-2
International Education ED 12-0
Issuing Credentials by Thompson Rivers University ED 2-5
New Graduate Program Assessment Criteria ED 8-5
Posthumous Awards ED 11-0
Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition ED 2-0
Scheduling of Course Conflicts ED 3-6
Selected Topics and Special Topics Courses ED 2-3
Semester Schedules ED 13-0
Student Academic Appeals ED 4-0
Student Attendance ED 3-1
Submission of Final Grades ED 3-11
Waitlist ED 3-7
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