Educational Advising

Whether you are thinking about taking an OL course or program through OL or are already an OL student, we are here to support you:

General Educational Advising

Please contact Student Services with your questions about:

  • Registering for an OL course
  • Transferring credit from a OL course to a program elsewhere
  • Applying for an OL program
  • Applying for PLAR

Program Advising

Once you have applied and been accepted into a program, your Program Advisor creates a program plan for you and works with you through to graduation to periodically update this plan and assist you with completion options, working through your program, course selection, graduation and more. 

Completion options

  • Transfer Credit
    When you apply to a program, arrange for transcripts from elsewhere to be sent directly to OL Admissions so that applicable credit can be applied to your program plan.
    PLAR is an assessment process through which you may be awarded academic credit from informal learning experiences. Your Program Advisor can help you determine if PLAR is right for you.
  • Letter of permission
    You can take courses elsewhere and transfer the credit to your OL program with a letter of permission if your Program Advisor confirms that the course is eligible for credit in your program.

Working through your program

You are encouraged to regularly contact your Program Advisor throughout your program. It is your responsibility to consult with your Progam Advisor when you want to register for a course.

If you decide to change to another program, make sure you discuss this with your Program Advisor and confirm your ntention to switch from one program to another either by letter or email. Also, if the new program is outside the program area you are currently studying in, you must apply for admission to the new program area.

Contact your Program Advisor at any time to have your program plan updated and a copy of the update sent to you. Whenever you complete a course and receive a final grade, let your Program Advisor know. Your plan is also updated whenever official transcripts from other post secondary institutions are received directly from those institutions. Be sure to submit a Letter of Permission Request prior to registering for courses at other institutions.

Applying for graduation

When you have completed your coursework, submit an application for graduation. All official transcripts for courses taken at other post secondary institutions, along with a letter of permission, must be received by the Registrar's Office before your application is complete. Graduation applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Normally, credentials are sent to you approximately six (6) weeks after all graduation requirements, including your application for graduation, have been met and approved by the Registrar's Office.

English and Mathematics Assessments

You can complete the following voluntary assessments:

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