Course Cancellation

General information

  • This form is not applicable for online courses taken in campus-based programs. All requests for cancellation or withdrawal from online courses must be submitted to: (Master of Business Administration or Graduate Diploma in Business Administration) (Master of Education or Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies).
  • Use this form to cancel your registration or withdraw from courses delivered by TRU-OL before the deadline stated in your welcome letter.
  • Refer to the cancellation and withdrawal policies for more information. Note that on registration you agreed to accept and abide by applicable policies and procedures.
  • The course administration and technology fees are not refundable for cancellations.
  • No fees are refundable for withdrawals.
  • Complete and submit this form online.
  • The information you provide on this form is collected under the Thompson Rivers University Act (BC) and will only be used to administer your request.
  • Direct questions to Student Services, email: or phone: 1-800-663-9711 (toll-free in Canada)


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