Open Learning (Online & Distance) Students

Your program plan helps us to decide on the number of PLAR credits that you can use toward your program. Each program allows different amounts of credit.

How to: Portfolio-Based Assessment Steps
  1. Complete a Knowledge Resumé to have your potential assessed.
  2. A committee assesses your Knowledge Resumé (this is a free service). The committee meets every six to eight weeks.
  3. If the committee determines suitability to proceed, students submit the applicable fee.
  4. Portfolio development with guidance from TRU.
  5. Assessors review and assess portfolio.
How to: Challenge Exams Steps
  1. Contact the PLAR advisors for challenge exam availability (not all courses are available for challenge). If in a program, ensure the course fits your program requirements.
  2. If the challenge exam is available, the advisors will inquire about experience related to the course content and send exam information.
  3. Pay the challenge exam fee.
  4. Student schedules exam date and location through the exams department.
How to: Credit Bank Steps
  1. Review the Credit Bank for agreements related to previous education or training.
  2. Contact us for next steps.

TRU Campus Students

See the section for campus students.

Prospective Students

We understand that many students wish to know their potential for PLAR credits prior to applying to a program — it can certainly help with planning of your education. That said, please know that in most cases (with the exception of challenge exams) students must first be admitted to an Open Learning program and have received their official program plan from their program advisors. You can find information regarding program application here.

For assistance with program-related questions or to discuss transfer credit, contact a program advisor:

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