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PLAR Process

In the following video, TRU-OL graduate Sandra Frangiadakis states how PLAR helped her complete her degree:

 Open Learning and TRU Campus Students in Business and Economics

The following steps apply to you if you are currently enrolled in a TRU-OL or SoBE (School of Business Education) program (certificate, diploma or degree) and have a Program Plan (a document that tracks transfer credits, courses completed and courses remaining).

Your Program Plan allows the PLAR Committee to discern the amount of PLAR credits that may fit into your chosen program. Each program allows different amounts of PLAR credit.

Main Steps for Portfolio-Based Assessment

  1. Complete a Knowledge Resumé (PDF, 355 KB) to have your PLAR potential assessed.
  2. The PLAR Committee assesses your Knowledge Resumé (this is a free service).
  3. If the PLAR Committee approves your Knowledge Resumé, you submit your PLAR application and payment.
  4. Develop your portfolio.
  5. The PLAR Committee assesses your portfolio.
  6. You are awarded PLAR credits.

Main Steps for Challenge Exams

  1. Choose a course for which you want to take a challenge exam and ask your Program Advisor to see if that course fits your program requirements.
  2. Contact a PLAR Advisor, who checks to see if a challenge exam for that course is available.
  3. If the challenge exam is available, you receive an exam information sheet.
  4. Pay the challenge exam fee.
  5. Contact the Exams Department to schedule the exam.
  6. PLAR credits are awarded upon your successful completion of the exam.

Main Steps for Credit Bank

  1. Refer to the Credit Bank to determine if you are eligible for PLAR credits for previous education or training from the selected employers, private training organizations, non-credit continuing studies and/or professional associations listed.
  2. Contact a PLAR Advisor to discuss what to do next.
  3. If your previous education or training is not listed on the Credit Bank, contact a PLAR Advisor to explore your options.
 TRU Campus Students

Please refer to the following page: PLAR for TRU Campus Students.

 Prospective Students

Main Steps

  1. Apply for and enrol in a program.
  2. Once you are enrolled, contact a PLAR Advisor to have your non-accredited and/or informal learning evaluated.
  3. For assistance with program-related questions or to discuss transfer credit, contact a Program Advisor, as follows:
  4. Apply to a program and arrange for any transcripts you may have from all previous post-secondary institutions attended to be sent to our Admissions department.
  5. Follow the steps in the previous section For Current TRU-OL and Business Students.

Please contact the PLAR Advisors if you have any questions about PLAR or the PLAR process:

Nicole Borhaven and Shyann Vosper
1-800-663-9711 ext. 6820 or ext. 6373 (toll-free in Canada)
250-852-6820 or 250-852-6373 (Kamloops and International)