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Open Learning (Online & Distance) Students

Your program plan helps us to decide on the number of PLAR credits that you can use toward your program. Each program allows different amounts of PLAR credit.

How to: Portfolio-Based Assessment Steps
  1. Complete a Knowledge Resumé (PDF, 355 KB) to have your PLAR potential assessed.
  2. The PLAR Committee assesses your Knowledge Resumé (this is a free service).
  3. If the PLAR Committee approves your Knowledge Resumé, you submit your PLAR application and payment.
  4. Develop your portfolio.
  5. The PLAR Committee assesses your portfolio.
How to: Challenge Exams Steps
  1. Choose a course for a challenge exam; make sure the course fits your program requirements.
  2. Ask a PLAR Advisor if a challenge exam for that course is available.
  3. If so, you receive an exam information sheet.
  4. Pay the challenge exam fee.
  5. Schedule the exam through the OL Exams department.
How to: Credit Bank Steps
  1. Check the Credit Bank to see if you are eligible for PLAR credits for previous education or training.
  2. Discuss with a PLAR Advisor what to do next.


TRU Campus Students

See PLAR for TRU Campus Students.


Prospective Students

  1. Apply for and enrol in a program.
  2. Contact a PLAR Advisor.
  3. For assistance with program-related questions or to discuss transfer credit, contact a Program Advisor:
  4. Apply to a program and have your transcripts sent to TRU Enrolment Services.
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