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LOA Principles and Procedures

The practice of learning outcomes and assessment at TRU is underpinned by six principles, which emerged from a collaborative review and synthesis of external and internal sources led by the Assurance of Learning Subcommittee (formerly the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Taskforce) under the guidance of the Academic Planning and Priorities Committee and Teaching and Learning Committee of Senate.

The six principles were collaboratively developed by faculty, quality assurance practitioners, and educational developers with engagement from student representatives and Student Caucus, and approved by Senate in Spring 2022:

1. Growth and learning-oriented
2. Equitable and learner-centered
3. Faculty-driven
4. Ongoing cyclical improvement
5. Purposeful and holistic design
6. Reflexive approach to learning

These principles guide conversations and inform decision-making about learning outcomes and assessment at the university. They impact educational policies, procedures, and the development of educational resources. A comprehensive description of the principles is available here:

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Principles and Procedures (PDF).

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