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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Adventures in Teaching Podcasts

A career as a university instructor or K-12 teacher is full of stories. There are successes, failures, humour — but they’re always a source of professional learning and reflection. Hear from educators in K-12 and from the university level as they illustrate learning concepts, practices and principles through the telling of their own classroom adventures. Told in an easygoing, conversational style, these stories will resonate with teachers of all levels.

Adventures in Teaching is hosted by Dr. John Churchley, Coordinator for Teaching and Learning at CELT.

Episode 8

Dancing into Teaching

Episode 7

Adventures in Theatre

Episode 6

Adventures on the Road to Learning

Episode 5 Part 2

Engaging Research

Episode 5 Part 1

Engaging Research

Episode 4

Adventures in Biology

Episode 3

Teaching with Solidarity

Episode 2

Leading Learning

Episode 1

Adventures In Music

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