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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Information for Instructors

The former Moodle based course evaluations are no longer supported. Evaluation reports (results) will not be processed for Moodle based evaluations. We have moved to the Qualtrics survey tool, which is relatively user friendly for students and instructors.

Evaluations will be completed online via the link posted in students' MyTRU accounts or in some situations emailed directly to the instructor to share with students. You will receive a password to open/unlock the survey from IPE ( – passwords are emailed only to TRU email accounts for each of the courses you are teaching. If your course falls outside of the semester based schedule, you may be emailed the survey link directly along with the password.  If you’re experiencing technical difficulties, please email:, or call 250-852-7164. It is your responsibility to ensure that students have a device (computer, iPad, smart phone) to complete the survey. A device with a data plan is not necessary, but rather a device that has Wi-Fi capabilities.  You may consider booking a computer lab classroom to conduct the evaluations.  Any students in your course who do not have immediate access to a device (computer, iPad, smart phone) or are absent from class have the opportunity to complete the evaluation within 48 hours from the time it is first administered in their class.

On the day of the evaluation:

  1. Provide the instructions (below) to your students. Please note, these instructions are meant as guidelines – you can modify the language to suit your own teaching style/philosophy and course context.
  2. Identify a student proctor who will let you know when the evaluations have been completed by students (let them know where you will be waiting)
  3. Let students know they have at least 10 minutes (or more, if needed) to complete the survey
  4. Provide students with the password provided to you to open the survey
  5. Exit the class so students can complete the evaluation

Instructions to students (to be given by instructor)

Today you have an opportunity to provide me with feedback on your learning experience in this course. Your feedback is important to me and I take it seriously. Please take a moment to tell me about your learning in this course, I want to ensure the success of all of my students — your feedback allows me to continuously improve my teaching to support the learning for future students. Please be specific in your comments — outline what you liked about the course and, similarly, if there are areas to improve, please outline them specifically. This feedback is helpful to me in future redesigns of the course. You should complete the evaluation yourself as your responses represent your learning in the course. All responses are confidential and I will not be able to link your responses to you. I will receive a summary report of the results after final grades have been submitted.

At TRU, we are committed to providing learners with the best possible experience and your feedback is crucial to this continuous improvement process. The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching reports aggregate campus results of course evaluations so that students can see how their responses are improving learning at TRU and instructors and administrators can undertake projects to enhance the learning experience of their students.

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