Award for Excellence in Interculturalization

Nomination deadline:  Closed

TRU recognizes up to two individuals who represent the best qualities of interculturalization including internationalization and/or indigenization. This award is designed to increase awareness of efforts to interculturalize TRU, as well as recognize individuals who through their teaching, scholarly activity, and/or service are assisting to operationalize the strategic vision of interculturalization and increasing intercultural understanding through internationalization or indigenization.

Nominees for the Award for Excellence in Interculturalization may be full-time or part-time employees and must have been employed at TRU for at least five continuous years.

Award winners will receive an engraved plaque plus the opportunity to attend a conference or professional development activity of their choice (to a maximum of $2,000). Recipients must use this award within a two-year period from the date of the award. TRU is not obligated to offer the award annually.

Award for Excellence in Interculturalization description and criteria
Award for Excellence in Interculturalization nomination form

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Awards will be presented at the President's Annual Merit and Service Award reception.

2020  Kyra Garson
2019  Nicole Schabus
Craig Campbell
2017 Robin Reid
2016 Noawarat (Ann) Cheeptham
2014 Emma Bourassa
2013 Warveni Jap
2012 David Scheffel
2011 Ross Nelson
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