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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Dashboard Reporting

Thompson Rivers University uses an online course evaluation tool called Qualtrics, which was implemented in Summer 2018.

Dashboard reports are available to all on campus faculty and Chairs; new results will be published to dashboards at the end of each semester and faculty and Chairs will be notified by email.


This tool offers enhanced reporting capabilities through interactive dashboards, such as secure access through the TRUEmployee portal, access to all historical responses since the start of online course evaluations (Winter 2016), ability to aggregate and filter data, trending and benchmarking, and ability to export course evaluation reports as PDFs.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions around the new dashboard reporting. For assistance with interpreting your results, please contact For dashboard technical support and user account management, please contact

Note to Chairs

Chair access to dashboards is managed by Integrated Planning and Effectiveness. If a new Chair role is assigned, or a current Chair role has ended, please send a notification to  IPE will confirm Chair assignments with each Dean’s office.

Questions and answers

 What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is web-based software that collects and analyses student responses. Starting in Winter 2019, faculty will be able to access their personal course evaluation dashboards using Qualtrics.

 What is a faculty dashboard?

A dashboard is a data visualization tool that visually tracks, analyses and displays course evaluation results.

 Would a dashboard show the results to all course evaluations that have been administered?

Yes. The dashboard will show results to all course evaluations that have been administered since Winter 2016 and as long as 1) the course was evaluated, 2) there was at least one valid student response, 3) final grades were submitted to Banner, and 4) the total number of responses is five or more.

 Will course evaluations that have less than five student responses show?

You can aggregate (combine) these responses with another evaluation, however, if you try to filter to a course evaluation with less than five student responses, no data will show. As long as there are five or more responses, the data will show for the combined course evaluations.

 How do I access my course evaluation dashboard reports?

Log in to TRUEmployee with your TRU credentials and look for ‘Course Evaluation Reports’ on your home page.

 How do I create a course evaluation PDF report?

The ‘Create PDF’ sheet in your course evaluation dashboards was designed to ensure that you can easily export a course code section evaluation report as a PDF document.

In order to export a course evaluation PDF report:

  1.       Select the ‘4. Create PDF’ sheet in your dashboard
  2.       Set your filters along the top of the page
  3.       Click on the ‘Export’ button in the top right corner of the page
  4.       Select ‘Download Dashboard’

For the best formatted PDF report follow these Export Option steps:

  1.       Choose PDF file type
  2.       Select Portrait orientation
  3.       Set Margin to 0.25in
  4.       Zoom at 100%
  5.       Leave Hide Pages List and Include all widget content checked
  6.       Select Export and a PDF report will be generated

For more detailed information on how to download a PDF report, please see the How to Download a PDF Report guide.

 If I have less than five responses, can I get a cumulative report using Qualtrics dashboard?

Yes. Simply select the ‘course code section’ with less than five responses and select another ‘course code section’. The results will show as long as combined there are five or more responses. You may wish to select a course of the same level or department.

 I taught courses before my department's custom questionnaires were implemented, therefore my courses were evaluated with the general questionnaire. Will I be able to see results for those course evaluations too?

Yes. Prior to the implementation of custom questionnaires, all courses used the general questionnaire. Therefore, you would be able to view the results for those courses in the General dashboard.

 Can I use any web browser for Qualtrics?


 Why do I see a small eye symbol next to the question? What is a response threshold and how does it work?

You will see a small eye symbol at the top right corner of a question, which indicates that responses have been hidden as there are less than five responses to that question. A response threshold of 5 has been implemented in your dashboards so that any course evaluations with less than 5 student responses will not show, in order to protect student anonymity.

 Why am I not able to filter the '5. Trending & Benchmarking' sheet down to the Course Code Section?

The '5. Trending & Benchmarking' sheet is designed to show institution/department/course-level benchmarks along with trends over time. Filters on these pages are limited to protect the privacy of other faculty members’ data, and to prevent accidental identification of another faculty member’s results. 

 How do I create a benchmark?

To create an institutional benchmark, filter ‘Departments’ to ‘All, to create a departmental benchmark, filter ‘Departments’ to a specific department, and to create a course-level benchmark, filter ‘Course Level’ to a specific course-level.

 Who do I contact if I am missing a course or not seeing the correct dashboard?

Course Evaluation Administration at

 Who do I contact if I have a question regarding the institutional course evaluation process?

If you have any further questions with regards to course evaluation process, survey design, teaching workshops and resources, please contact the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at

 Is my data secure?

IPE has worked with IT to ensure that you have safe, secure access through TRU’s system. Log into your dashboard reports using your usual TRU network account.  

The dashboard software (Qualtrics) has been vetted by IPE, IT, and the Privacy Office. Qualtrics is fully compliant with all privacy and information security requirements, and the data is stored on a secure Canadian server.

 Who can see my course evaluation dashboard reports?

Only you (the faculty member) and the Chair of your department can view your own course evaluation results.

 How can I provide feedback on the course evaluation dashboards?

Your feedback is important to us as we continuously strive to improve the course evaluation dashboards. If you would like to provide feedback on the dashboard reports, please Click Here to share your thoughts.

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