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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Information for Students

Student course evaluations

Student course evaluations are an opportunity to provide your instructors with feedback on your experience of learning in their course so TRU is implementing an “every course every time” process so you can have this opportunity for all of your courses.

Student course evaluations will be administered during the last three weeks of the semester. You should receive a link to a survey for each of the courses you are enrolled in your myTRU account. These surveys are password protected and your instructors will share the password with you during an upcoming class session so that you can fill out the survey. Please note only primary (theory) sections of courses are included in the “every course every time” evaluations this semester. Field courses, practicums, seminars and labs are excluded at this point.

We hope you will take the time to tell your instructors about your learning in their courses so that they can continuously improve their teaching to support the learning for future students. All responses are confidential and your instructors will not be able to link your responses to you. Instructors will receive a summary report of the results after final grades have been submitted.

At TRU, we are committed to providing learners with the best possible experience and your feedback is crucial to this continuous improvement process. The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching reports aggregate campus results of course evaluations so that students can see how their responses are improving learning at TRU and instructors and administrators can undertake projects to enhance the learning experience of their students.

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