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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Frequently Asked Questions

 Will learning outcomes be used to evaluate faculty performance?

No, there is no intention that the assessment of learning outcomes will be used to measure faculty performance. Rather, the assessment plan is a SELF-assessment tool used at the department level for curriculum improvement.

 Will learning outcomes force faculty to have quantifiable measuring metrics?

The approach to learning outcomes assessment need not be restricted to quantitative measures. TRU is open to a wide variety of assessment tools, including qualitative measures. The assessment tools to be used are completely at the discretion of the departments.

 Do I have to use each and every institutional learning outcome in my course?

No, Institutional learning outcomes represent the cumulative desired outcomes of a TRU credential. The institutional learning outcomes framework is based on our strategic priorities and academic foundations. Individual faculty and departments should strive to link and contribute to all of the institutional goals that are appropriate for their courses and programs.

 What role will institutional learning outcomes play in programs that don’t have autonomy over program outcomes (i.e., provincially or nationally accredited programs)?

TRU’s draft learning outcomes align with the standards of the provincial Degree Quality Assessment Board so there is no need for changes to prescribed outcomes for such programming.

 Is there a deadline when instructors must have their course-level learning outcomes aligned with program and Institutional learning Outcomes?

No, TRU has no definite timeline when all courses must have their learning outcomes aligned. The first priority is writing program-level outcomes. Individual faculty will then consider how course-level outcomes can contribute to program and institutional-level outcomes. In addition, at the time of program review, departments will be required to write or review their program-level learning outcomes.

 How will learning outcomes affect the service departments on campus?

Links between program-level outcomes and the institutional framework will be widely distributed. Service departments will be able to communicate this integration to students and other stakeholders.

 Will there be support for individual faculty and departments to write learning outcomes and develop assessment plans?

YES! The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching will work with individual faculty, faculty groups, and program curriculum committees to write, or review existing learning outcomes. Contact the Centre to arrange for assistance.

 What is the connection between program review and learning outcomes?

The program review process and learning outcomes are integrated. During program review, departments will be required to write program-level learning outcomes if they do not exist. As part of the assessment plan, two templates will be completed to facilitate the analysis of program structure.

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